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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3: Favorites

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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3 – Quick Summary

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 3, “We’ve Come to Stay,” Eris arranged for her people to meet with the Japanese government. Great news, right? Except that she got her ideas for appropriate attire from Kio Kakazu’s stash of adult magazines. At least none of Eris’s people overheated. Later, Aoi Futaba and Manami Kinjou had to flee because of what they did in the previous episode. Where can they go? Is there anyone who can take them in and keep them safe?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3: Manami has a temper

She’s going to take years off her life if she doesn’t do a better job managing her temper. Capture from the Blu Ray.

I like Manami. But if I’m honest, I have to say she has a fairly big flaw: she jumps to conclusions. Don’t believe me? I have proof!

Kio was innocently preparing for his bath. In fact, a helpful Assisteroid had offered to scrub his back, and they had a pleasant conversation. Then, without any urging, prompting, or other action from Kio, Eris decided to come in and wash his back with her breasts.

Pretty thoughtful of her, huh?

But – and I remind you that Kio is entirely innocent in this matter – Manami decided to walk in unannounced. First, what’s up with that? Surely she knows to knock! And second, she hastily jumped to a totally unwarranted conclusion.

“Once again,” she said, her anger building (13:51), “you’ve implanted false knowledge in her.”

I mean, come on, Manami! Everyone knows Eris is adept at implanting false knowledge in herself! Kio was just a bystander!

Favorite Moment from Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3: Manami has commendable focus in battle

Some things are more important than modesty. Like, defending the embassy from intruders! Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: Aoi and Manami Defy Convention

I don’t like cliches. You know, they’re like tropes, but instead of being used as legitimate short-cuts, they’re lazy substitutes for character, or plot, or locations. Yes, I know tropes can be used lazily, too, but I’m making a point here.

Which is: I don’t like cliches, and I like cliched characters least of all. So when Aoi and Manami demonstrated they are not in the least bit cliche (at least in this regard), I had to admit it was my favorite moment in the episode. Though you may suspect I had ulterior motives.

And I won’t blame you in the least.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3: Aoi began to open up to Manami

Aoi had begun to open up to Manami. I think she sensed a kindred spirit. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Earlier that day, when Aoi and Manami had stopped by Koi’s house to say goodbye, the Catians had come up with a great idea: the two fleeing women could stay there, with Koi and Eris, and become their security guards. 

Later, Aoi and Manami were in the bath. Aoi had just disclosed that she had been born with the ability to teleport objects within 50 meters. She also revealed that because of it, her family had abandoned her. She’d grown up in less than friendly environments. All of that had culminated in her becoming Charmed Momiji.

Delivery: Aoi and Manami Have Their Priorities Straight

In the middle of this heart-to-heart scene, the Assisteroids blared an alarm. And what did the two new security guards do? Did they get all embarrassed and take the time to change? Fret over their own nudity? Nope. 

Both of them dashed naked into the living room. Aoi teleported firearms to herself and threw one to Manami.

“Cover me,” Aoi said (16:51).

Manami seemed a little taken aback by the situation. But not so much that she hesitated or anything. She immediately unfolded the collapsable stock on her automatic pistol. Then she laid down covering fire as Aoi advanced.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3: It's important to set your weapon correctlyi

I thought it was cool that Manami knew to switch the selector to three-round bursts. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Now, you might suspect that my picking this scene had more to do with watching two naked women running around and less to do with a challenge to cliches. But I assure you, my dislike for cliches is at the heart of my reaction. It was so refreshing to see them just not care about convention during an emergency. They’re strong, they’re well-trained, and they acted to combat a threat – regardless of the status of their attire.

I admire that kind of dedication. 

What did you think of the Japanese delegation meeting with the Catians, dressed in school swimsuits? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3: Favorites

  1. That’s one of my favourite moments too. No crippling bashfulness. They needed to act and they did.

    I think all government negotiations should be done in swimwear. Let’s take the nothing to hide metaphor to the extreme.

    1. I’ve often wondered how that would play out (yeah, I think about stuff like this). In our culture, and in many of the others I’m familiar with, clothes make a statement. The clothes become part of their power. But if folks had to wear swimwear, that shifts the power closer to the person.

      It almost seems more honest.

      Or maybe I just want to negotiate with Durel.

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