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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4: Favorites

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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4 – Quick Summary

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 4, “We’ve Come to Kidnap You,” Kio faces his first major diplomatic crisis. Manami accidentally let Eris inhale some catnip. Now, Eris was on the verge of entering her mating season – with Kio in her cross-hairs! Doctor Durel didn’t understand the problem – Kio was single, wasn’t he? That’s when the crisis manifested itself – Manami asked Kio to speak up and say how wrong this was. Can Kio resolve the conflict within himself? Is there really any conflict at all? And can he out-run Manami? Because that seems like a very important question right now!

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4: Manami and Kio were too cash-depleted to argue

I just noticed – Aoi was as cash-depleted as Kio and Manami – but she kept her wits about her! Capture from the Blu Ray.

I like how Kio isn’t a jerk, but he doesn’t let Manami walk all over him, either. Case in point: my favorite quote for the episode.

Eris took them shopping. Each one of them found merchandise they dearly loved. Quite a lot of it, in fact. Aoi bought DVDs by the pound. She also found a movie prop that was as rare as it was expensive. Manami found a replica of a pistol used in a movie – a pistol she dearly loved. Kio found a computer (or a massive game console – I couldn’t tell which) that apparently nuked his budget.

TL;DR: they all found stuff they loved. They were now all broke.

They sat, depressed and forlorn, at the train station. Kio lamented that he had spent his whole month’s allowance. Manami told him to man up. Did he just take her abuse? No! He asked how much she had spent.

When she didn’t answer, he said (15:38), “You spent so much that you can’t answer.”

But he didn’t gloat. He was too depressed. Still, I liked how he stuck up for himself!

Favorite Moment from Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4: Eris just wanted to have fun

Now, that’s the expression I expect to see on the face of an advanced race. Because if you can’t do things that bring you joy, what’s the point? Capture from the Blu Ray.

Back in the comment for episode 1, Dawnstorm mentioned this show’s English title probably should not have been Cat Planet Cuties. It should have been We Come to Play, or We Come to Hang Out. That comment stuck with me. First, it’s a more “respectable” title than Cat Planet Cuties. Not sure what I mean? Try introducing the series while you’re having a series discussion about science fiction titles and you’ll watch the reaction you get.

Second, and more importantly, something like We Come to Play better captures what Eris and her people are all about. The Catians consider it a worthwhile and even a noble purpose to travel the galaxy looking for cultures to experience and enjoy. Isn’t that an enlightened approach to life?

My favorite moment in this episode supports Dawnstorm’s suggested titles – and proves just how enlightened the Catians are.

Eris knew exactly what she wanted to do in Tokyo: she wanted to go shopping. She took them directly to Nakano Broadway. Apparently, it’s quite the place! And Eris knew exactly what she wanted to buy. 

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4: Aoi asked what they were all thinking

While Koi and Manami just seemed confused, Aoi asked what they were all wondering. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Koi asked what she was looking for here, and Eris had a long, official-sounding description. She told them (12:15), “The arts research team asked me to examine the relationship between cultural level and knowledge with regards to finance. It’s a scientific technology and mechanical technology survey.”

Aoi, Manami, and Koi didn’t quite understand. Aoi even asked her to be more clear.

So, Eris said (12:26), “They asked me to buy them lots of toys and manga books.”

Seriously. How much better off would the world be if we used advanced technology to take us to places where we could buy cool toys and manga?

What did you think of the combat maids carrying out a high-precision abduction? What were your favorite moments? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Intelligent life should be measured by its entertainment industry. It’s a true sign of a settled species and is always a great mirror to reality.

    We also need to find Catia and do everything we can to invite them to come play!

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