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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7: Favorites

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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7 – Quick Summary

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 7, “We’ve Come to Swim,” Kio’s video club planned a summer camp – on the beach! As soon as Eris joined the club, Manami and Aoi knew they had to join, too. And they weren’t the only ones, because Antonia decided to come along as well – along with all of her maids. But it wasn’t all fun and games, because an old enemy of the Eris’s people decided it was time for another attack. Will Kio and his friends be able to defend themselves?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7: Maki Itokazu wasn't asa surprised as I thought she should be

I expected her to be a little more surprised. Or shocked. Or something! Capture from the Blu Ray.

I like how Cat Planet Cuties isn’t content with routine humor. It has to gives jokes an extra spin. It did that again in this episode, and it turned out to be my favorite quote.

You know what to expect from a beach episode, right? Attractive women in flattering swimsuits, of course! Cat Planet Cuties certainly delivered on that, courtesy of Antonia’s massive selection of swimwear. Eris had her pick, being Antonia’s favorite. But Antonia was magnanimous. She said the other women, even Arisa Oshiro and Aiko Ishimine, could borrow any of the suits, so long as Eris didn’t want them.

That’s an important point: Eris had first choice. And what’s distinctive about Eris’s anatomy?

The boys reacted with even more nose bleeds than expected. Arisa and Aiko even congratulated themselves on provoking such a reaction. That’s when Arisa noticed that Aiko had her bottoms on backward. How’d she know?

Because the bottoms had a hole for Eris’s tail.

I did feel bad for Aiko, but I admit that I laughed. But the capstone was Maki Itokazu’s question. She hadn’t chosen a swimsuit yet, and she was observant enough to notice there was a hole in all of the bottoms.

“Are these assless?” she wondered out loud (13:53).

She didn’t seem nearly as scandalized as I expected her to be.

Favorite Moment from Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7: Eris show empathy

Eris’s empathy made all the difference in the world. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: Passion Is Confusing

Didn’t you feel bad for Aoi in this episode? She’s a consummate professional when it comes to dangerous missions. She is an expert with firearms. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, with or without a suit of power armor, she’s supremely lethal. But because of the time cost of all that time training, she had no idea how to express her affection for Koi. Worse, she has no idea how to even get started.

After acting all embarrassed and raising Aoi’s hopes for a romantic profession, Kio actually asked her to help him train to fight. Aoi didn’t have a lot of experience with social interactions. Her self-confidence in that regard didn’t even register. Naturally, she assumed he meant he saw her simply as a lethal machine – the same way her trainers and mission handlers saw her. In other words, she assumed he didn’t see her as a woman or potential partner.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7: Aoi could not interpret Kio asking her to teach him to fight

Aoi lacked the emotional experience and confidence to interpret what Kio asked her. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Didn’t that make you want to give her a reassuring hug? Or at least a statement of support?

So, when Eris came bouncing up with food, Aoi unloaded on her. In Eris she saw everything she lacked – a bubbly personality, voluptuous body, and, probably worst of all, cat ears and a tail.“

I absolutely hate you,” Aoi told Eris (17:12).

I’ve said before how much I appreciated Eris’s cultural sophistication. She gave me another reason to appreciate it now. She knew Aoi didn’t hate her. Eris listened as Aoi went on about her feelings. Did Eris get upset? Defensive? Nope. She listened. Attentively, too!

Delivery: Eris, Product of an Advanced Civilization

Finally, Eris offered a neutral statement, saying (17:53), “Aoi, Kio is someone very important to you, huh?” It’s the kind of statement someone makes to encourage the other to keep saying what’s on their mind.

Aoi took her up on it. She had exhausted her insecurities and misconceptions. Aoi finally laid out her real feelings for Kio. She said she could get through her missions because she knew he was there. She said he had even given up her career for his sake.

When she faltered, Eris stepped up to her and drew her into an embrace. It flowed naturally from the moment; it flowed naturally from Eris’s personality. She hugged and Aoi and said (18:12), “Then, you’re just like me.” She then explained how she felt with Aoi.

Delighted at their sudden understanding, Aoi forgot all about her pain. Or, at least, she found it more bearable.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7: Aoi was delighted to find a kindred spirit in Eris

Aoi went from “you’re my hated rival” to “you’re my dear friend” in about a tenth of a second. Capture from the Blu Ray.

It reminded me that empathy is a true sign of an advanced civilization. Selfishness is easy. So is ridicule. But accepting someone’s feelings, seeing the commonality with yours, and reaching out? That’s harder. Well, it’s hard for humans. For Eris? It almost seems second nature.

What did you think of Antonia showing up as a transfer student, complete with a piece of bread in her mouth – flanked by two of her maids? What were your favorite moments in this episodes? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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