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Cat Planet Cuties Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Cat Who Fell to Earth

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 1: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 1, “The Cat Who Fell to Earth,” Kio Kakazu brought his uncle a bag of beers to help celebrate the memorial of his grandfather’s passing. There, his uncle suggested he needed to do more to enjoy his youth. In fact, his uncle introduced him to a young woman who had just arrived. She was attractive from head to toe – including her literal tail and cat ears. Kio found Eris so attractive that the tail and ears were an afterthought. But not everyone felt that way! Why has Eris come to Earth? Who is the super-powered young woman whose mission saw Eris’s ship crash land? And why is Kio’s childhood friend Manami Kinjou initially unfazed by Eris’s cat ears and tail?

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Episode 2: I Dropped By

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 2: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 2, “I Dropped By,” Eris introduced Kio to her Assisteroids, little sentient robots who helped her with her tasks. At the end of an enjoyable day at the library, Kio offered to buy Eris some ice cream. But Maki Itokazu and her Beautiful Contact faction had different ideas. Turns out, so did the CIA and Japanese government. Will Kio survive their intervention? Will Eris? And just what were the orders that Aoi Futaba received at the end of the previous episode?

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Episode 3: We’ve Come to Stay

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 3, “We’ve Come to Stay,” Eris arranged for her people to meet with the Japanese government. Great news, right? Except that she got her ideas for appropriate attire from Kio Kakazu’s stash of adult magazines. At least none of Eris’s people overheated. Later, Aoi Futaba and Manami Kinjou had to flee because of what they did in the previous episode. Where can they go? Is there anyone who can take them in and keep them safe?

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Episode 4: We’ve Come to Kidnap You

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 4, “We’ve Come to Kidnap You,” Kio faces his first major diplomatic crisis. Manami accidentally let Eris inhale some catnip. Now, Eris was on the verge of entering her mating season – with Kio in her cross-hairs! Doctor Durel didn’t understand the problem – Kio was single, wasn’t he? That’s when the crisis manifested itself – Manami asked Kio to speak up and say how wrong this was. Can Kio resolve the conflict within himself? Is there really any conflict at all? And can he out-run Manami? Because that seems like a very important question right now!

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Episode 5: We’ve Come to Rescue You

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 5: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 5, “We’ve Come to Rescue You,” Antonia Morfenoss and her cult The Underside of the Kitten’s Paw kidnapped Eris and KioAoi and Manami tried to mount a rescue, but a sketchy director named Takao Kawasaki had already rented the only power boat in the vicinity. Will he be willing to work with Aoi and Manami – and if so, at what price? And just who made Aoi’s high-tech suit, anyway?

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Episode 6: I’ve Practiced

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 6: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 6, “I’ve Practiced,” Manami said she wanted to improve her shooting to better protect the Catian embassy. What she meant was that she was a gun nut who wanted to shoot stuff – and Aoi was willing to help! But it turned out that shooting out in the yard, in broad daylight, startled the neighbors. Much to Manami’s disappointment, Kio told them to stop. Is there another way for Manami to get her fix? Will Aoi ever learn to cook? And is Eris back to normal — whatever that may be?

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Episode 7: We’ve Come to Swim

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 7, “We’ve Come to Swim,” Kio’s video club planned a summer camp – on the beach! As soon as Eris joined the club, Manami and Aoi knew they had to join, too. And they weren’t the only ones, because Antonia decided to come along as well – along with all of her maids. But it wasn’t all fun and games, because an old enemy of the Eris’s people decided it was time for another attack. Will Kio and his friends be able to defend themselves?

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Episode 8: We Had a Duel

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 8: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 8, “We Had a Duel,” Eris tried to work with Antonia to start the long process of turning The Underside of the Kitten’s Paw into a fan-club instead of a cult. It looked like it will be an uphill battle. Meanwhile, Aoi and Manami clashed over Kio, and they started a field exercise to decide the winner. Which is to say, they dueled. What made them so angry? Will a duel actually help? And is Kio really as dense as Manami makes him out to be?

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Episode 9: The Grand First Assisteroid?

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 9: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 9, “The Grand First Assisteroid?”, Kio felt excited when Eris told him that the Grand First Assisteroid was going to visit Earth. After all, Kio very much enjoyed working with his Assisteroid. Kio was very surprised to learn the Grand First Assisteroid, Lawry, looked nothing like the Assisteroids he worked with. But he was even more surprised by Eris’s reaction. What is bothering Eris? Is Lawry as nice as she seems? And why did Lawry want to come to Earth, anyway?

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Episode 10: We Came After You

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 10: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 10, “We Came After You,” Eris was excited to experience her first Earth Christmas. But Manami, seeing how close Eris and Kio had become, felt exasperated with Aoi for her complacency. Didn’t Aoi want to get closer to Kio? What if Eris used Christmas as an excuse to get even closer? And then, suddenly, all of that became completely irrelevant. What happened? What intruded on their relatively happy disagreements? And why did Kuune, the captain of the Catian ship, come to Earth?

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Episode 11: I Came Looking for You

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 11: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 11, “I Came Looking for You,” ErisAoiManamiKio, and the rest learned the terrible truth: in two weeks, the Catian ship would plow into Earth. The resulting explosion could extinguish all life. There was some good news: the ship would destroy itself before it allowed that to happen. But that meant a complete loss of the entire crew. What can Eris and her friends do to save the ship? Has Jens already anticipated their moves? And just how much does a rocket cost, anyway?

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Episode 12: I Came to Find You

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 12: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 12, “I Came to Find You,” Kio’s allies rushed to fuel the new spaceship. But the NATO tanks were closing in fast. Can Antonia’s maids hold them back long enough? Even if they can, Manami and Aoi still have not resolved their argument. In fact, it erupts again, this time engulfing even Eris. Can they maintain civility long enough to get into orbit? And where’s Jens in all of this?

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Episode 13: Come Drop By

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13: Favorites

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 13, “Come Drop By,” now that KioAoiManamiAntonio, and others helped save the Catian ship, Eris could turn her attention to the really important matters: culture. Aoi and Manami insisted that Eris learn competitive gaming. What kind of games did they play? What were the stakes? And why does Durel seem almost invincible at human games?

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