Dr. Stone: New World Episode 8 Review

Quick Summary of Dr. Stone: New World Episode 8 In Dr. Stone: New World episode 8, “The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel,” Amaryllis told Senkuu, Kohaku, Gen, and Soyuz something that astonished them: she knew the secret of the petrification beam. And she knew from personal experience. What does she know? What is she […]

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xxxHOLiC Episode 3: Favorites

xxxHOLiC Episode 3 – Quick Summary In xxxHOLiC episode 3, “Angel,” Himawari Kunogi delighted Kimihiro Watanuki by going to Yuuko Ichihara and asking for a favor. Apparently, a nearby school was going through a series of unfortunate events, and Himawari suspected it was because of Angel, a “game” similar to the ouija board. Watanuki’s delight […]