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Review: One Punch Man Episode Season 2 Episode 02 – Best in Show

Quick SummaryIn One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 02 (a.k.a., episode 14), “The Human Monster,” Saitama is playing a hand-held game he “borrowed” from King while Genos washes the dishes. Suddenly, Genos senses someone approaching and, not wanting to interrupt Saitama (who just overwrote King’s saved game), he investigates. It’s Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, back for revenge from the — ahem! […]


Review of Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova – Episode 2: The Eye of the Storm and Lurking in the Shadows

Quick SummaryIn Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova – episode 2, “Into the Storm,” Gunzou Chihaya, Iona, and their crew face their toughest challenge yet: the powerful heavy cruiser controlled by the Mental Model Takao. The heavy cruiser is sitting in the eye of a typhoon, right between the I-401, her active decoys, and the course to […]


Real Neat Blog Award!

How cool is this? Three other sites nominated Crow’s World of Anime for the Real Neat Blog Award! Thanks to those sites (listed nomination date ascending order, starting with the site that nominated me first) are:ThatRandomEditor’s Anime BlogKeiko’s Anime BlogOSPREYSHIRE’S REALMThanks much for the nomination! I’ll try not to embarrass you with my answers! The […]