Dr. Stone: New World Episode 7 Review

Quick Summary of Dr. Stone: New World Episode 7 In Dr. Stone: New World episode 7, “Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope,” the science vessel Perseus approached the island where Senku’s farther Byakuya had landed in the space capsule almost four thousand years ago. Senku, Kohaku, Gen, and Soyuz went ashore to look for either […]

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xxxHOLiC Episode 2: Favorites

xxxHOLiC Episode 2 – Quick Summary In xxxHOLiC episode 2, “Falsehood,” Kimihiro Watanuki could not help but think Yuuko Ichihara used “coercive sales” tactics. Why? Because Yuuko’s new customer, Rin, seemed confused and borderline desperate, and Yuuko went right to the sales pitch. Or did she? Was she really trying a hard-sell to get her […]