Mahiru Inami from Wagnaria/Working!

If you enjoy collecting anime-themed figures, then you know you generally have to choose between budget and quality. That’s why you’ve only seen two reviews from me so far: one for Rory Mercury by Kotobukiya (you can buy it from Amazon here) and one for Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade from Good Smiles Company (which you can buy here […]

Kotobukiya’s Rory Mercury Figure – As Awesome as Rory Herself!

I pre-ordered Rory Mercury from CDJapan late in 2015. Why? Because Gate was (and is!) one of my favorite series, and because Rory Mercury is one of my favorite characters in that series. She’s over 960 years old, she’s the apostle of Emroy (god of death and darkness), and the tension between her calm and composed persona and […]

Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade Figure: Worth the Cost?

Back in May 2015, Crunchyroll offered the pre-release of the Good Smiles Company Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade. She’s the vampire from the Monogatari series. The member cost was $104.99 (which is the same cost as it now). I received it late last week. Was it worth the price and wait? How’s it Look? […]

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