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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Return of the HeroReview: One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 01 – Best In ShowIn One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 01 (a.k.a., episode 13), “Return of the Hero,” Saitama and Genos return to do super-powered stuff like shop for groceries. In fact, as they’re out on just such a shopping trip, they see S-ranked hero named King. Civilians impressed […]

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The Devil is a Part-Timer Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Devil Arrives in SasazukaReview of The Devil is a Part-Timer Episode 1: A Crushing Defeat and the Betrayal of the Black Pepper FriesIn The Devil is a Part-Timer episode 1, “The Devil Arrives in Sasazuka,” Satan is waging a war between his forces of darkness and the humans in a world called Ente Isle. Satan’s forces initially […]

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Goblin Slayer Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Fate of Particular AdventurersGoblin Slayer Episode 1 Review: Brutal Reality and Always, Always Be PreparedIn Goblin Slayer episode 1, “The Fate of Particular Adventurers,” Onna Shinkan joins the adventurers’ guild because she’s a priestess and wants to help other adventurers. She thinks she’s lucky to meet a new team of adventurers within minutes of signing the […]

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Zombieland Saga Episode Guide

Episode 1: Good Morning SAGA!I Drink and Watch Anime: Irina and Crow in Zombieland (Saga) ep1For the first time ever, I’m collaborating with another ani-blogger: I Drink and Watch Anime’s own Irina! Remember when the two of us simultaneously reviewed Record of Grancrest War? We had different perspectives, and reading her reviews helped me maintain a more balanced […]

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Planet With Episode Guide

Episode 1: Light, Seven FlashesandEpisode 2: Nebula SoldiersPlanet With Episodes 1 and 2 Review: A Cat Sensei and an Amnesiac HeroIn Planet With episode 1 (Light, Seven Flashes) and episode 2 (Nebula Soldiers), Souya Kuroi has a terrifying dream in which he watches his friends fly off in strange flying armor to engage what appears to be an unbeatable […]

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Black Bullet Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Last HopeBlack Bullet Episode 1 Review: That’s an Ugly Spider and the Plight of the Cursed ChildrenIn Black Bullet Episode 1, “The Last Hope,” Rentarou Satomi,  a CivSec officer employed by the Tendou Civilian Security company, gets called in to an infection scene that the police have tried — and terribly failed — to contain. Together […]

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Caligula Episode Guide

Episode 1: When you lose your composure, you cannot reach the truth or realityCaligula Episode 1: Garbled Lyrics and a Glitch in the MatrixIn Caligula episode 1, “When you lose your composure, you cannot reach the truth or reality“, Ritsu Shikishima is a bright high school student who’s intensely interested in psychology — even though his friends don’t get […]

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Record of Grancrest War Season 1 Cour 2 Episode Guide

Episode 13: To the HomelandRecord of Grancrest War Episode 13: The Liberator Returns and a Lukewarm ReceptionIn Record of Grancrest War Episode 13, “To the Homeland,” Theo Cornaro, Siluca Meletes and their party arrive in Sistina to find a less warm reception than they had hoped. Pederico Rossini and his sons have trapped the islanders in a powerful web of greed, […]