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BUBUKI/BURANKI The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy Episode Guide

Episode 13 (Black Oubu) and 14 (The False Heart) BUBUKI/BURANKI Eps 13 And 14: Imōto From The Pits Of… Well, You Know! BUBUKI/BURANKI: The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy opens the reason with two episodes (episode 13, Black Oubu, and episode 14, The False Heart) that introduce us to Azuma Kazuki’s little sister Karoruko Kazuki, as well as the four borrowed […]

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Taboo Tattoo Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Tattoo Taboo Tattoo: A Chance Encounter Leads To Mayhem And Thirsty Ink In Taboo Tattoo’s first episode, titled “Tattoo,” we meet Justice Akatsuka, who receives a strange tattoo as a “thank you” gift from a man he saved from a robber. Not long afterward, Bluesy Fluesy begins stalking him. Akatsuka’s day goes downhill rapidly from there. Read more… […]