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Caw Out Award: ​Most Heads-Up and Humane Attack of the Season!

Katana Maidens: Most Heads-Up and Humane Attack of the Season!

Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

In episode 3 of Katana Maidens, Hiyori Juujou was desparate. She could only think of one way to defeat Sayaka Itomi: overpower and kill her. Desparation does that to a person! But her friend Kanami Etou stepped in. Instead of trying to kill Itomi, what’d she do? She disarmed the young woman and won her over with a combination of charisma and sportsmanship! Now, that’s the way to win a fight! In fact: Do you want to win a war? Because that’ show you win a war! 

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