Anime Caw Out Awards

Caw Out Award: Absolute Stupidity Award (Absolute Stupidity Field)

BUBUKI/BURANKI: Absolute Stupidity Award (Absolute Stupidity Field)

Azuma, could you possible be any more stupid? The answer's probably yes, but he'd need a running start! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

BUBUKI/BURANKI Ep 18: Casual Cruelty and a Deep MoleAzuma Kazuki was often quite intelligent. In this episode, though, he earned a Not-Smart-Class Caw Out for not one, but two bone-headed moves. First, he decides to go search for his sister -- alone! His friends have tons of combat ability, but he walks off on his own. Second, he accepts a ride from Guy Barville Abeille -- the series villain! Jeesh, Kazuki, get with the program!

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