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Caw Out Award: Best Romantic Gesture (in Military Form)

Record of Grancrest War: Best Romantic Gesture (in Military Form)

It’s hard to see, but the little dots making up the flower? Those are troops! Capture from Crunchyroll’s stream.

Watching Record of Grancrest War has been a fun ride. Though the show has its pacing problems, it has some genuinely beautiful character moments — like this one in episode 20 involving Alexis Douse and his the woman he wants to marry, Marrine Kreische (who was his enemy at the time of this award!). She really loves him, but she wanted to keep him out of the line of fire, so she refused to accept his affections. Then he showed her this flower, made up of individual soldiers, to recall the more conventional, less still very romantic, very of the flower he’d had for her out of colored stones. Regardless of what came afterward, this was still a great romantic gesture!

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