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Caw Out Award: Best Way to Break the Tension

Made in Abyss: Best Way to Break the Tension

Yep, Ouzen made another one cry! Her technique appeared brutal, but in retrospect, she may have been too kind… Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Made in Abyss Episode 7: A Failure of Restraint and Alone in the Dark: During a very intense segment (okay, in terms of Made in Abyss, that could be just about any scene!), Ouzen puts Riko and Reguthrough a brutal test. In retrospect, it was necessary, but it was painful to watch. One of Ouzen’s cave raiders earned a Humor-Class Caw Out by observing, after the test was over, that “Ouzen has made yet another one cry!” It was a perfect way to cap the scene. 

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