Caw Out Award: Dry Observation of the Week

April 15, 2017

Re:CREATORS: Dry Observation of the Week

Meteora had this amazing ability to put someone in their place -- without them even knowing it! Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Re:Creators: Selesia’s Creator and Magical Slayers: In episode 2, Meteora Österreich  and Selesia Upitiria had only recently come to Earth (well, Earth Prime -- you have to see the series to understand). They're trying to understand how they could travel from a fictional world to the "real" one when Selesia calls one of Meteora's ideas "stupid." In her dry, witty say, Meteora earned a Humor-Class Caw Out by saying, "it’s nothing more than your displeasure at discovering your reason for existence.” Not sure Selesia realized she'd been zinged or not!

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