Caw Out Award: Most Awesome Fidelity to Core Ideas

May 15, 2018

High School DxD Hero: Most Awesome Fidelity to Eros

The Oppai Dragon drew power from Rias Gremory. Well, from her breasts. Okay, from her nipples. He was a very precise dragon... Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

You know, it's a special series that maintains absolute fidelity to its core ideas. Planet With, for example, has done an amazing job of adhering to its core concepts and building an amazing world. That's pretty rare. What's even more rare is when an ecchi series does the same thing. Most ecchi series put a lot of skin on screen, but they don't develop their premise -- if they have a much of a premise at all. Not so with High School DxD Hero! Several seasons ago, the show started with Issei Hyoudou not only being utterly obsessed with Rias Gremory's breasts -- but actually drawing his power from touching them! Not since Heaven's Lost Property and its migratory flying flock of panties has a show maintained such a laser focus on its ecchi core! In episode 5, Issei actually summoned Rias for the express purpose of powering up -- by poking her nipples. Gotta admire the series' dedication to its core philosophy! 

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