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3 thoughts on “Caw Out Award: Most Completely Understandable Reaction of the Week (So Far)

  1. Oh wow I was wondering how they’d deal with this scene, so they ended up with pixellating it huh? I haven’t watched the ep yet (have to wait til the irlwaifu gets home from work) but I knew this particular scene was coming for a while! I always watch the uncensored version of this show that comes from AT-X so I’ll make sure to include screenshots of that in my review (or not depending on the circumstances)!

    1. Well, I tried to be circumspect, but by “at least none of the camera angle called for pixelation” I meant they were judicious with the camera angles and didn’t need to pixelate.

      I will say that Rem’s tail was a useful prop in this context.

      TBH, I had to accept the show’s logic, and the characters’ reactions were hilarious. At the same time, Rem’s trust in Diablo more than exceeded my expectations — and it’s not the first time this show’s done that to me!

      I still blame you for convincing me to keep watching, you know! 🙂

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