Caw Out Award: Sarcastic Response of the Week: Takigi objected to his sister's use as a meat shield
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Caw Out Award: Most Delightfully Sarcastic Response of the Week

Maki’s Admirers

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 21, “Enemy Contact,” featured two strong-willed men bickering over a woman. But it’s nothing romantic. The woman in question was Maki Oze, one of the most powerful members of the 8th Special Fire Force Company. Or at least, she had been until recently. That’s the cause of the argument.

Her brother, Takigi Oze, had recently encountered White Clads in the Nether — which is to say, very powerful and evil folks in an underground complex. He had known Maki’s job in Fire Force was dangerous. After that confrontation, he now knew just how dangerous. He and his father strongly opposed her remaining in Fire Force. Her father, in fact, had her transferred to something safer — namely, the army’s secretarial pool.

Caw Out Award: Sarcastic Response of the Week: Maki wasn't happy in any event

You know, neither Takigi nor Hinawa really asked the most important question: What did Maki want to do? Because she doesn’t exactly look happy about her new job. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Her team mate in the 8th Special Fire Force Company, Takehisa Hinawa, held Maki in high esteem. He knew how powerful she was, and he knew that of the entire Company, she was among the strongest. He had complete confidence in her strength and her ability to survive. However, as a man of few words, he could not convey this to Takigi.

Maki Knew The Score

Takigi, in fact, kept blaming Hinawa for lying to Maki and tricking her into joining Fire Force. He saw his sister as this delicate flower who was obviously lured by Hinawa’s lies. His animosity was so strong, in fact, that it completely overwhelmed common sense. As the two men fought back to back against waves of attackers, Takigi kept up his verbal attack against Hinawa.

“Maki was fighting people as dangerous as this?” Takigi said (04:30). “I assume you had Maki safely supporting the rest of you from the rear?”

Keep in mind that Hinawa thought very, very highly of Maki. But he’d had enough of Takigi’s carping. His social skills are also about even with mine (on a good day — for me). His reply was an outstanding example of biting sarcasm.

He said (04:37), “We had her on the front line as a meat shield, naturally.”

Caw Out Award: Sarcastic Response of the Week: Hinawa can be one sarcastic individual

Maki as a meat shield? It’s so ludicrous that it’s hard to believe Takigi believed it. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Maki was never a shield. She was always on offense. But there was no way Hinawa could get that across to Takigi, so I don’t blame him for getting sarcastic. Though to be honest, I don’t think this helped his position!

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3 thoughts on “Caw Out Award: Most Delightfully Sarcastic Response of the Week

  1. i dont think i really understand hinawa. there better be a good reason for doing that to maki. her having to leave came so suddenly. arthur’s reaction to that asking when she will return and not wanting to hear that it won’t happen was appropriate

    1. I’m with Arthur, too.

      I’m just guessing, because I’ve not read the manga. Either Hinawa and Oubi needed a mole inside the military or they needed Maki’s dad to be on their side. And, it had to look like they really capitulated. You know how honest Maki is. She can’t lie to save her life. So if Hinawa and Oubi told her, she’d either accidentally tell her family, since they’re so close, or her lack of depression would tip them off.

      Even if the explanation makes sense, and even it why-ever they did it was for a good cause, Oubi and Hinawa owe her big time. She’s miserable as a secretary.

      1. Not sure what to add but i can totally see one of those possibilities being the case.

        And yeah she is i feel like she may find out eventually that they are having a hard time with enemies in the nether so she may come there as backup in a moment when they’ll need it

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