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6 thoughts on “Caw Out Award: Most Endearing Character Insight in Hair Form

  1. I think you put it perfectly with your statement on vulnerability. The most vulnerable we’ve seen her is through flashbacks, which was an emotional and mental vulnerability that anyone would experience given the circumstances, but since then she’s been a headstrong person, while also emotional when it comes to Eren and Armin. Those emotions, though, were usually anger and a protective nature. With this, it’s like we’re seeing a sliver of something more…

    I’ll echo Karandi here, too… I’m wondering about the logic here. It’s a funny moment seeing her hair like that, but she flies around on ODM gear and it goes back to near perfection. My hair goes crazy with wind…gets all in my face and mouth. I guess anime logic is the only answer.

    1. “With this, it’s like we’re seeing a sliver of something more…”

      I’ve always liked Mikasa, especially since that moment when her resolve was so powerful her child-version bare feet broke the floor when she defended Eren.

      At least, I think it was Eren. That seems forever ago!

      “I guess anime logic is the only answer.”

      I don’t supposed she might be trying some new hair gel?

  2. I’d love to know how her hair doesn’t end up in that state from flying around using the ODM gear. Her hair always falls back perfectly after that even though she doesn’t tie it up. Yet lying in a bed = bed hair. Anime logic at its finest.

    1. I was going to try to say that she’s facing into the wind, so it pushes her hair back, then then I remembered the “omni” in “Omni Directional Maneuver” and realized that wouldn’t work.

      So, I got nothing.

      I’ll endorse anime logic.

      1. Then again, if after every fight the characters had to spend an hour getting the knots out of their hair, or if ever character had tightly cropped hair, where would be the fun.

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