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Caw Out Award: Most Extreme Contrast of the Episode

Re:CREATORS: Most Extreme Contrast of the Episode

Ohnishi might be a solid writer, but as the subject of fanservice? Let’s just say the jury’s out… freaked out. Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Re:Creators Ep 16: Preparing for Battle and Baiting the Trap:  Nishio Oonishi, the erotic fiction writer from Re:CREATORS, is involved in another award, but this time it’s not for him. He just set it up. During the obligatory bath house scene, he accidentally flashed his bottom to the men present. Rui Kanoya even commented that the flash was probably the worst fan service ever. The Shocking-Class Caw Out goes to Yuuya Mirokuji, who happened to walk by a moment later, all rippling muscles, and say, “I’m beat. Crowds of girls follow me wherever I go here.” Kinda feel sorry for the guy… Okay, not really!

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