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Caw Out Award: Most Impractical Uniform of the Season

Did you happen to read my list of 5 examples where women’s armor actually protected them? I hope you did (or if you didn’t, that you’ll check it out now!), because you can think of this award as a counter example.

I’ve been reviewing Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, and for the most part, I’ve found the costumes to be what I expect from a Magical Girl sort of show, with a bit of a military twist. Asuka, for example, has a pretty dress, but instead of lacy and frilly corset, she has a flak jacket. Even though the dress is not realistic, its designers gave a nod towards the necessities of battle.

Not so with General Tabira from the Spirit World!

From the moment we first see her, we can see that her outfit is more than a little revealing. Of course, that translates into zero protection from bullets, shrapnel, magical attacks, or even rain. But if you can believe it, it is even worse than that!

Even at first glance, it’s pretty clear that most modern militaries would not consider her uniform to be field worthy! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream

Did you see her step out of the gate? It was kind of hard to miss; the camera was right there! She appeared to be wearing only panties (maybe they were combat panties?), but if it were only that, I probably would have not said anything. That’s really nothing unusual! But check out that… cape? train? There’s something handing below her bottom, but above her knees.

If she were in a fight — or if she just had to backup — what’s likely to happen? She’s going to fall on her combat panties, isn’t she?

General Tabira’s outfit goes beyond being just revealing and enters the realm of freaking dangerous to its wearer! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream

I mean, it’s one thing to dress a character in a revealing outfit. I’m not complaining about that! What I’m doing is awarding General Tabira’s outfit with the Most Impractical Uniform of the Season Award, for all of the reasons we’ve just discussed.

Not only that, but look at the bustier! It looks like it’s slice her to bits if she sneezes, or sits down, or, you know, breathes!

Well, I guess at least her shoulders and lower arms have some protection! Maybe her uniform isn’t so impractical after all?

Nah, no need to get crazy or anything…

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5 thoughts on “Caw Out Award: Most Impractical Uniform of the Season

  1. That outfit is definitely impractical and they followed that up with the joke uniform upgrades for the other magical girls. They really punched the fan-service up this episode.

    1. You can say that again, especially with Tamara!

      What I thought was funny was how all of the Magical Girls reacted. Asuka ripped up the joke uniform instantly. As the two generals were talking, the subs showed Tabira telling Tamara not to burn hers!

      It was reassuring to see the Magical Girls react the way they did.

  2. I don’t watch that show but seeing the design of her outfit reminds me of the djinn equips of the Ren sisters in Magi. Those have a few pieces of clothes along with the scale-like stuff and they fight with magic, but they still annoyed me because of how much skin it didn’t cover. Though I’m not a fan of such fan services so I may be overreacting. /shrugs

    1. I’ve not seen Magi — would that be both “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic” and “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic?” Do you recommend them?

      FWIW, I don’t think you’re overreacting. Believability is important! Armor has to look and act like armor! And that’s not even addressing the sexist overtones (what’s more obvious than an overtone?)…

      1. IIRC, they appear on both. (I just remembered that there’s a character on Kingdom of Magic who has a costume similar to the character you featured here.) I do recommend them if you like fantasy adventure shounen series. 🙂

        Ahh, that’s good to know! And that’s true! It’s frustrating how there are a lot of impractical designs for various characters in anime just for fan service. Even characters of minor age get sexualized alkdjfal. And they sell.

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