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Caw Out Award: Most Impressive Demonstration of Respect for the Week

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: Most Impressive Demonstration of Respect for the Week

Did Fuyuzora give into his carnal desires? No! He treated Miyazaki like the friend she was and simply covered her up. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

If you’ve watched Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, you know the show falls solidly in the ecchi genre. The show’s centered on Yuragi Manor, which has a reputation for being haunted — like, a lot. The “reality” is that a lot of supernaturally endowed women live there, starting with the title character, the friendly (yet easily frightened) ghost named Yuuna Yunohana. The show’s built a reputation for being more than just an ecchi skin fest — it has actual characters! I know, right? It’s almost unbelievable!

One of those character is Kogarashi Fuyuzora. He’s a male spiritual medium . He caught my attention in the first episode when instead of exorcizing Yuuna, he decided to help her move peacefully to the next life. Seems like a nice guy, right? But can he stay a nice guy when he’s living among Yuuna, who has a tendency to “roam” in her sleep, Nonko Arahabaki, who’s part ogre and is routinely busting out all over, and other intentionally or accidentally sexy women?

We find out in episode 9 that the answer is a definitive “Yes!” Chisaki Miyazaki, a friend from school, sleeps over in the Manor to get to know Yuuna better. For various reasons (that are actually reasonable, unlike many ecchi that just seem to make up nonsensical explanations), Fuyuzora comes back to the room he shares with Yuuna. Miyazaki is there because of the sleepover. All’s well (kinda, anyway) until Yuuna starts her usual roaming, and one thing lead to another until Miyazaki ends up with her naked bottom clearly in Fuyuzora’s view. Then he’s startled awake. She’s mortified and afraid to move, because pulling up her panties would prove she’s awake. There’s a moment where she’s terrified that he’ll attack her.

But Fuyuzora isn’t a harem protagonist who has spontaneous nose bleeds. He’s not a slave to his carnal desires. Instead of attacking her, he gently pulls the cover up to her shoulders. Then he lays back down to go to sleep.

In doing so, he earned the Most Impressive Demonstration of Respect for the Week Award. He protected Miyazaki’s modesty and spared her serious embarrassment. I wouldn’t mind seeing more ecchi (especially harem) protagonists with his sensibilities!

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    1. Wouldn’t that be great? And you know what else I like about him? He’s not an idiot! As much as I like Infinite Stratos, I have to admit that Ichika Orimura is about the dumbest male I’ve ever encountered! That gets old fast! Not so with Kogarashi. He let Oboro Shintou down honestly; Ichika wouldn’t even had noticed she was interested in him.

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