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Caw Out Award: Most Stinging Insult of the Episode

Re:CREATORS: Most Stinging Insult of the Episode

Mirokuji hit Chikujouin with an insult that would have infuriated almost anyone else. Too bad that when it came to words, he was a bit outclassed. Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Re:Creators Ep 9: Her Virgin Heart and the Souvenir BladeMakagami Chikujouin could turn a lie about a lie into a world-changing event. She was probably the most powerful of the Created characters. But she wasn't at all popular among the other Created. To prove that, Yuuya Mirokuji earned himself a Badassery-Class Caw Out when he said that she was "…a laughing piece of skin hanging over a bunch of lies.” Ouch! Of course, she took it as a “cool compliment.” She was scary!

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