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Caw Out Award: Should be Terrifying but is Cute Instead

Made in Abyss: Should be Terrifying but is Cute Instead

Riko’s in moral danger. This should have been terrifying! But they were so cute! Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Made in Abyss Episode 9: Ouzen’s Warning and Riko’s Stand: Made in Abyss had its terrifying moments. Most of them, in fact! But there were times when it gave us a variety of experiences. In episode 9, Riko was covered in fruit juice, and the neritantans — kind of a fur ball with feet and a mousey face — were about to mistake her for a giant snack. They earned their little selves a Cute-Class Caw Out for their adorable battle cry! No doubt Riko was rightly terrified, but I was cuted out! 

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