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D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Fourteenth

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 104 (A.K.A. Episode 1): A Chess Game, A New House, And Blood

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 104, “The Fourteenth“, the series ended up in 2008. We get to see most of the old gang in action, from the bookmen Lavi and Bookman to the exorcists like Lenalee LeeArystar Krory IIIMiranda Lotto, and, of course, the star of the show, Allen Walker. This episode starts with a high-stakes game of chess in a graveyard and moves to the Black Order’s new headquarters. It ends on a shocking development in Walker’s relationship with his master, Cross Marian.

Miranda’s at wit’s end trying to break Kanda and Walker’s stalemate. Then she remembered she had candy! Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 2: Lonely Boy

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 105 (A.K.A. Episode 2): Battleground Orphanage And The Enemy Evolves!

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 105 (a.k.a. episode 2), “Lonely Boy,” Allen Walker was under suspicion for murder. The episode moves on to Yu KandaHoward Link, and Allen on an assignment that leads them to an orphanage; and ends with an encounter with an Akuma who has, unfortunately for our heroes, learned to evolve.

The Akuma are evolving — and that’s bad news for our heroes. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 3: I’ll Be Fine If I Wash My Face

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 106 (A.K.A. Episode 3): Allen, Crown Clown, And Noah

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 106 (a.k.a. episode 3), “It’ll Be Fine if I Wash My Face,” Allen Walker makes a sobering discovery about his sword; the Central Order sends two more CROWs into the field; the young thief steps up and confronts the Akuma — and his own past; Kanda becomes suspicious.

It’s still a mystery how a CROW could overcome and walk through an Akuma’s seal. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 4: Blood Crusade

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 107 (A.K.A. Episode 4): Truly Offensive Weapons

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 107 (a.k.a. episode 4), “Blood Crusade,” Allen Walker suffers through a prophetic dream, only to awaken a momentarily changed man; Allen and friends become aware of the true nature of the red-robed CROWs they met last episode, and the prognosis is chilling and unholy; the Noah awaken.

Wisely telepathically attacks Kanda — with devastating results. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 5: Alma Karma

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 108 (A.K.A. Episode 5): The Black Order’s Betrayal

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 108, “Alma Karma,” we learn more of Yu Kanda’s tragic origin; we see how depraved the leadership of the Black Order has been in its treatment of Alma Karma; and worst of all, we learn of the Noah’s plan to use the Black Order’s own sins to destroy them.

The Fourteenth makes quite a stir when he declares his intention to kill the Earl and take his place. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 6: Friend

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 109 (A.K.A. Episode 6): In The Name Of Righteousness

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 109, “Friend,” we learn the chilling story of Yu Kanda’s birth and lineage; Allen Walker finds it more and more difficult to trust the hierarchy; the viewers learn a new definition for callous; and Road Kamelot comforts Allen — for now.

Kanda regains his memories — as he’s strapped on a medical bed. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 7: The Truth about a Sterile Flower

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 110 (A.K.A. Episode 7): Piling On The Truth

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 110, “The Truth about a Sterile Flower,” Yu Kanda relives his decision to do what had to be done; Allen Walker decides he’s seen enough but wasn’t ready for what came next; Alma Karma finds that knowing is not freeing; the Millennium Earl raises the curtain on the center piece of his show.

Accountability can extract a terrible toll. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 8: Awakening

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 111 (A.K.A. Episode 8): Noah Rising

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 111, “Awakening,” Allen Walker’s commitment to Akuma salvation — and salvation in general — is tested by friend and foe; Yu Kanda faces off against a “resurrected” Alma Karma, who’s more powerful than ever — and utterly determined to put Kanda back in the grave; and the Millennium Earl‘s plan comes to terrifying fruition.

Alma Karma is utterly focused on destroying Kanda. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 9: Little Goodbye

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 112 (A.K.A. Episode 9): The Order Never Learns…

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 112, “Little Goodbye,” Allen Walker tries to resist the Noah that inhabits his body; Yu Kanda takes his fight with Alma Karma to a very dark level; the Millennium Earl tells the truth only to see it rejected, possibly as he planned; Malcolm C. Lvellie makes a move that underscores his inability to learn from history. All of this against the backdrop of a tragedy of Wagnerian proportion.

Using the Ark gate, Allen sends Kanda and Alma Karma where neither the Order nor the Noah can reach them. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 10: Sinner in Despair

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 113 (A.K.A. Episode 10): Lvellie’s Fury, Allen’s Shackles

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 113, “Sinner in Despair,” Malcolm C. Lvellie extracts a terrible revenge for Allen Walker not brining Yu Kanda and Alma Karma back from the hidden place; jealousy ferments among the Noah, both at Road Kamelot’s relationship with the Millennium Earl and the Earl’s relationship with the Fourteenth; a Church Council carefully ignores all evidence contrary to their convictions and keeps Allen imprisoned; civil war ferments among the Exorcists living in the European Branch as several of the most powerful, like Lenalee Lee and many scientists, fume at Allen’s captivity, while others demand his execution; and an Arch-Bishop decides to take matters into his own hands.

Tyki? Jealous of Road? Where’s this strife coming from? Capture from the Funimation stream.

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Episode 11: Hidden One

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 114 (A.K.A. Episode 11): Shouldn’t Innocence Be Innocent?

In D.Gray-man HALLOW episode 114, “Hidden One,” we learn that any given Cardinal might not be quite the respectable pillar of the community that you might expect; that Allen Walker has some previously unknown relationship to Innocence that puts him at elevated risk of death; that Road Kamelot really does care enough for Allen to put her life on the line; that the Black Order’s leadership, and the leadership of the church in general, is hell-bent on ignoring fact and making knee-jerk decisions; and that Howard Link was earnest when he confessed his sorrow to Allen.

On the run from Apocryphos. Disowned by the Order. Deserted by the Church. Where will Allen go now? Capture from the Crunchyroll — yes, Crunchyroll! — stream.

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Episode 12: My Home

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 115 (A.K.A. Episode 12): Allen At The Crossroads

In “My Home,” episode 115 (or 12) of D.Gray-man (HALLOW)Tyki Mikk offers Allen Walker some candid and oddly useful advice; Lenalee Lee encounters Akuma interference as she tries to catch up to Allen; the Black Order Exorcists find out that the Third Exorcists have come back, and they are very, very unhappy; and Malcolm C. Lvellie suggests that he knows more about Apocryphos than anyone expected — but what, exactly, does he know?

Lenalee, a powerful Exorcist in her own right, can handle almost any Akuma. But Allen leaving? That’s a different matter. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Episode 13: Walker

D.Gray-Man HALLOW Episode 116 (A.K.A. Episode 13): Walker, The One Who Walks

In Walker, the thirteenth and final episode of D.Gray-man HALLOWAllen Walker tries to regain his strength when he retreats to a place from his past; Cross Marian, in that same past, reveals what he knew of Allen’s history when he rescued him; a surprise Exorcist, thought dead, reappears with no improvement to his disposition, with one important exception; and Allen continues the long fight against reemergence of the Fourteenth.

Though almost overcome by the Fourteenth’s attempts to take possession of his body, and though Apocryphos’ power had almost destroyed him, Allen was still kind to the little girl who wondered if he was an angel. Capture from the Funimation stream.

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