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Demon King Daimao Episode 3 Review – Quick Summary

In Demon King Daimao episode 3, “The Scary Upperclassman!,” we learn more about how much Fujiko Etou used to love her big brother. That was before he got himself killed in a way that disgraced the family. Now, she keeps his reanimated head in a jar. She might have issues. Speaking of issues, Fujiko arranged for Akuto Sai to meet Junko Hattori to apologize. For reasons that can only be attributed to his stunning naiveté, Akuto did not think it odd that the meeting was in an underground dungeon. Fujiko had arranged for Akuto to meet Junko, all right. But only after delinquents bent on making a name for themselves attacked him. Junko arrived just in time to see Akuto utterly overpower them. Of course, she misinterpreted what she saw. What’s Fujiko up to? And will Akuto ever get to apologize to Junko?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Demon King Daimao Episode 3

It’s good to respect the law! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

There are two things that make this my favorite quote. First, Akuto really is a nice guy. He has no intention of taking advantage of anyone. However, everyone, and I mean everyone, misinterprets what he tries to do or say. His earnestness is part of his charm, and it sets him up for some hilarious moments.

Second, Korone has a dry, playful sense of humor that really appeals to me. She loves messing with everyone, but Akuto is not only her assigned surveillance target. He’s her favorite teasing target. He’s just so straight-laced!

Keena Soga decided to visit just as Akuto tried to deactivate Korone. In case you forget how that works, he had to reach up under her skirt from behind, grasp the small bunny tail firmly (but gently!), and pull. Well, Keena saw him and wondered about it. “But I saw him trying to touch your butt earlier.”

In the Blu Ray, Korone, straight-faced, replied (07:50), “It’s not a crime to touch a Liradan’s butt.”

It’s good to know the local laws and customs.

Best in Show Moment for Demon King Daimao Episode 3

Facing two or three dozen armed students? No problem! Junko’s by his side. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: Junko Tricked Again!

The problem with Junko is that as strong as she is, she has a couple of huge blind spots. For example, like everyone else in this society, she has tons of pre-conceived notions about the Demon King. She had felt really happy when she met Akuto in the first episode. But once he got labelled the Demon King, she assumed the worst. That was despite her own instincts and heart telling her Akuto was really the nice guy she had thought he was.

Her assumptions also left her open to manipulation. Fujiko found it easy to setup a situation where Junko would misjudge Akuto’s actions when the delinquents jumped him. His reaction was uncannily like what I would do in his place. So much so that I almost called it my favorite moment. They attacked him, which would make most people angry. It appears that most folks would also expect that anger — to the point where any other reaction seems unusual. But neither Akuto nor I would get angry. We’d get coldly analytical.

Akuto’s calmly intellectual reaction surprised even him. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

When Junko arrived on the scene, she witnessed something she thought was repulsive. Using mana, Akuto had chained the lead delinquent to the wall and had shattered his leg. Akuto had assessed the situation. He had come to the conclusion that only a single approach would guarantee they would leave him alone. He had to etch pain into their souls so that the very thought of attacking him would inspire terror. There was no malice in his voice or actions. His mind and will drove what he did.

That terrified Junko. Nothing Akuto said could change her mind. She reacted exactly what Fujiko expected: She declared open hunting season on Akuto and asked the entire class to join in.

Delivery: Junko Decides to Be True to Herself

Social Expectations Can Only Slow Down Junko

Junko’s an honest woman. Even as she sharpened her sword in preparation for the Akuto hunt the next day, she found herself thinking of him. Her heart and instincts were on the same wavelength. Unfortunately, her intellect still wanted to see him through another lens. “What are you thinking about, Junko?” she angrily asked herself (16:28). “He’s the Demon King!”

The began after school the next day. It would last an hour. Akuto planned to stay ahead of the pack of blood-thirsty students. Though in theory he should only have to last an hour, the students had organized themselves well. They eventually cornered him. Junko, sword drawn, emerged from the crowd. She took a few hesitant swipes at him. He tried to defend his actions, but her logic backed him into a corner. Clearly, he wasn’t comfortable with what he’d done, either. The crowd expectantly watched.

Junko Just Needed Keena’s Gentle, Red-Headed Push

Then Keena showed up and told Junko that even though he tried to act cool, Akuto had a serious side. She appealed to Junko’s affection for Akuto, which brought a blush. The crowd, themselves susceptible to social conditioning, verbally pounced. “Does this mean we’ve been dragged into a silly martial quarrel?” one demanded.

As she lost control of the crowd, what did she do? She turned to Akuto for help! They already have a great relationship, even if she’s only starting to realize it. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Junko tried to reassert her authority, but she didn’t believe in this mission herself. Quickly, as naturally as if she had been there all along, she fell in beside Akuto and raised her sword against the crowd.

“What should we do?” Akuto asked (20:00). And check out his expression! Cornered by two or three dozen students, you’d think he’d be apprehensive. But now, Junko stood beside him, and he was happy about that. The crowd didn’t worry him at all! It felt so right for them to stand together. So much so that this just might be my favorite moment in the whole series. They make a great power couple!

What did you think of how Fujiko’s plan backfired on her? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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