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Demon King Daimao Episode 6 Review – Quick Summary

In Demon King Daimao episode 6, “Let’s Go to School by the Sea!,” the power struggle to control Akuto Sai kicked into high gear. The government ordered Korone to seduce Akuto so he would be easier to control. Fujiko Etou hasn’t given up on her dreams of domination, and she went so far as to consult with Peterhausen, who felt more than a little willing to hear her out. Even Lily Shiraishi got into the act by making a proposal to both Fujiko and Peterhausen — but with strings attached. And all the while, Akuto, unaware that events were over taking him, tried to get closer to Junko Hattori even as Korone tried to get into the way. Does Akuto have any chance at a normal school experience? Or is this “Demon King” thing already well beyond his control?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Demon King Daimao Episode 6

Demon King Daimao Episode 6: Korone looked cute as a maid

I feel bad about the position Korone’s bosses put her in. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

At the very beginning of the episode, shadowy men in power ordered Korone to do something she found “distasteful.” They ordered her to bring Akuto under their control by seducing him. Korone, being a highly competent surveillance agent, threw herself into the task. She tried flashing her panties, she tried pretending to be a little sister, she even tried the massively popular Apron with Nothing Underneath attack.

Akuta remained unmoved.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. He actually came clean at one point and admitted that he really did find her ridiculously attractive. But as funny as that was, it’s not my favorite quote. That came later in the day.

The little sister and apron attacks both having failed, Korone dressed as a French maid and walked beside Akuto to class. Hiroshi Miwa came up to them and said how cute Korone looked “today.”

“Not just today, I’m always cute,” she said evenly (07:13).

I’ve always admired Korone’s self-confidence. She has to have it in abundance to maintain her poise after Akuto didn’t respond to her attacks!

Best in Show Moment for Demon King Daimao Episode 6

Demon King Daimao Episode 6: Junko really does like Akuto

Sea cucumber entrails aside, Junko has no idea she’s going to found an empire. It’s the furthest thing on her mind. And that makes her so, so dangerous to those plotting to control Akuto. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Lily’s Witch’s Hat

I see Demon King Daimao as an ecchi political thriller. Even better: I see it as a a part of the tapestry that reaches back before a time with patriarchies through the ages fought their concerted battle against the bastion of feminine power, the witch. But in the world of Demon King Daimao?

The witches are winning.

It’s not obvious yet. It’ll become more clear as the series goes on. But I think this series does a fantastic job of what I see as the most effective, most powerful, most dangerous (and therefore the most reviled) articulation of human power: A coven of powerful women, focusing their strength through a single willing man, who break and remake the world. In this model, the Demon King is simply the tip of the spear, the part of the weapon most in harm’s way, while the rest of the harem are behind him. “Behind every man” in this case means the reactors and engines of power that propel the warhead, not someone in the shadow who is somehow a lesser part of the relationship.

No, the harem is completely in control. Akuto’s going to be along for the ride.

Lily has a plan.

Lily knew about Korone’s orders, but they didn’t worry her. Why? Because her vision far exceeded those “old geezers.” Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Sounds like I’m babbling, doesn’t it? Then look at what happened. While Akuto was off trying to deal with Korone’s attacks and trying to rebuild his relationship with Junko, Fujiko visited Peterhausen. She wasn’t there for fun. She pitched her idea for world domination. She’s a woman with a vision. Peterhausen’s reaction was fantastic: He thought she showed the initiative that the Demon King should show!

But she wasn’t alone. Lily showed up to offer her own proposal. The two women negotiated; they jockeyed for position in the new world that the Demon King would usher in. Neither wanted the throne for themselves (well, Fujiko thought she wanted it, but she was just being naive), but both wanted a measure of control.

Delivery: Akuto and Junko, the Center of Power

In other words, the two of them were politically savvy. They saw the way the coming shift in power, and they wanted to direct it for their own ends.

Against these power plays we see Akuto trying to put Junko at ease. Command and the lines of power in the world of principalities meant nothing to Akuto. He just wanted to reestablish the wholesome, warm relationship he had started with Junko. On the beach (it was a beach episode — it’s an ecchi series, after all!), Keena Soga had gotten a sea cucumber over-excited (it’s a long story), and it, well, covered Junko in its entrails. As Akuto helped her clean up, he told her that (12:32), “Watching you playing on the beach reminded me of when I first met you.”

Demon King Daimao Episode 6: Fujiko is not shackled by shyness

Fujiko impressed Peterhausen’s with her drive and ambition. Her beauty didn’t hurt, either. Never forget: Sexuality is at the heart of all human power. Why else would so many institution try to control it with norms? Unregulated, how powerful would Fujiko or Lily be? Powerful enough to challenge the world’s principalities! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

She blushed and he was happy to see her opening up. It was overall a pleasant couple’s moment. However, all of the machinations in the background elevated it to something even more interesting. Neither Junko nor Akuto knew it, but Junko was the prime candidate for alpha wife, and neither Lily nor Fujiko had any hope of dislodging her. And you know what? In the final analysis, as long as they achieved their goals, I don’t think either of them cared. They just wanted in on the action, on all levels of that relationship.

That’s what makes this kind of harem so dangerous. It’s why social norms were enforced to put it out of existence. Because as a social structure, it’s profoundly solid. And as a structure to concentrate and project power, it’s hard to beat. So it had to be forbidden.

What did you think of the drunk Mitsuko Torii? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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