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Demon King Daimao Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

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Demon King Daimao Episode 8 Review – Quick Summary

In Demon King Daimao episode 8, “Do You Have a Crush?“, Akuto Sai felt certain he remembered Keena Soga from the orphanage. She even still had the barrette he’d given her. Inexplicably, however, she claimed not to remember him. Does she really not recall — or is she hiding what she knows?

Fujiko Etou planned to subdue the awakening demon beasts under the school as a gift for the future Demon Lord. Well, less a gift and more a bribe. When one of the beasts gets a little too frisky, she had to fricassee it so it would know who’s boss. Peterhausen saw what she’d done, and he wondered: Did she know that all manner of demon beasts, great and small, were coming back to life — and that the one she’d just dominated was small? Did she think she could control a large one? Because she would be in a rude awakening if she tried…

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Demon King Daimao Episode 8

Demon King Daimao Episode 8: Junko is too hard on herself.

Junko judges herself way too harshly. She did nothing wrong! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Junko Hattori exhibits this endearing combination of strength, naïveté, perception, and sense of duty. She’s also completely inexperienced when it comes to matters of the heart. Not to the same extent as Akuto — that guy has the emotional sensitivity of a concrete fence post. Though I’m beginning to wonder if he’s just wired that way. He actually reminds me of someone I know: Some idiot who started an anime blog and tries to write novels. You know the sort! I just can’t remember his name…

Anyway, Junko came upon Akuto and Keena in the break room. Keena was all over Akuto in an attempt to… well, I’m not sure what Keena had been trying to do. But she had been really earnest about it! Junko didn’t blow up in a jealous rage, but clearly, what she saw didn’t make her happy.

Akuto wanted to help Keena, and he did the most intelligent thing possible: He asked Junko for help. Remember I said she hadn’t blown up? Well, the scene had still bothered her, and she politely told Akuto she couldn’t help him as she walked away. Seriously, she’d been polite.

Later that night, after having climbed into bed and while hugging a body pillow, she felt furious with herself.

“I’m such a bitch!” she said of herself (14:02) in the Blu Ray subtitles. Crunchyroll’s was a less humorous “I’m a terrible woman!”

Junko’s being too hard on herself. She’s just in love, that’s all!

Best in Show Moment for Demon King Daimao Episode 8

Demon King Daimao Episode 8: Fujiko has a  high tolerance for tentacles. But it isn't infinite!

Mr. Grabby pushed his tentacled luck a little too far! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: It’s an Ecchi Series, Right?

Only recently have I reviewed series that could be called ecchi. It’s not that I didn’t watch those series. It’s that I wasn’t sure how my readers would react if I reviewed them. Plus, the humor and other material in these series can rub some folks the wrong way. Because of that, I’ve tried to add only a few titles here and there.

But if I’m going to add an ecchi title, doesn’t it follow that sooner or later, one of my favorite moments would be classified as ecchi? Unless I lie and choose another moment. And how would you ever trust me again if I lied to you?

So, here we are.

Demon King Daimao Episode 8: Fujiko thinks a little tentacle might be okay...

Fujiko got ambushed by a trope! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Promiscuous tentacles are such a common occurrence in anime that they have their own trope: Naughty Tentacles. As a plot device, they’re usually straight forward. It’s not like there’s a Science of the Tentacle. Or is there? In one of Brandon Varnell’s books, A Fox’s Rescue (American Kitsune Book 8), the young hero, surrounded by many beautiful women warriors (I’m sure coincidentally), gets attacked by a tentacled beast at sea. He actually goes into the science behind how they do what they do.

But it’s not the tentacles that made this my favorite moment. It’s Fujiko herself.

Delivery: So Fujiko Gets Ecchi!

One of the traits of a tentacle attack is that the attackee seems completely incapable of resisting. Which almost always wrecks my suspension of disbelief, but that’s beside the point. In this episode, Fujiko wanted to help Akuto, so she started trying to tame the demon beasts who were awakening underneath the school. One of those beasts happened to be well-endowed from the tentacle perspective.

It seemed cunning, because it waited for Fujiko to start fantasizing how Akuto would react when she presented her gift. The creature saw its moment, and gave her a tentacle hug. Okay, it out and out groped her. She protested, but only faintly. I got the distinct impression that this wasn’t her first choice of activities for the afternoon, but she could imagine worse things.

Fujiko learned a valuable lesson about tentacles.

Rule #1 when trying to subdue demon beasts: Pay attention! Don’t get distracted by even pleasant fantasies! Mr. Grabby and his friends can take advantage of that! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This is where it gets interesting.

Mr. Grabby the Tentacled Monster seemed to be heartened, because he decided to expand the range of his gropes. However, he misjudged Fujiko. A tender tentacled embrace was one thing. However, Mr. Grabby wanted to get a little too personal. When it did, she blasted the thing with a potion and said (06:28), “Hey, I said that’s too much, damn it!”

Seriously, Fujiko gets points for achieving what other poor attackees can only dream of. She fought the tentacle, and she won!

What did you think of Korone’s disclosure at the end that she’d contacted Junko’s parents about marrying Akuto? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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