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Demon King Daimao Episode Guide

Episode 1: A Demon King is Born!

Demon King Daimao Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 1, “A Demon King is Born!,” Akuto Sai felt excited to transfer to the Constant Academy of Magic Arts. Not only had he successfully passed the transfer student exam, but he’d met Junko Hattori, a wonderful young woman, on his way to the school. When she heard that he aspired to become a Grand Priest, she’d seemed impressed and very willing to help. Her family had historically helped the priesthood! So Akuto felt in high spirits when he met the artificial spirit that would clear him for entry — and announce his vocation. All of his hopes and dreams crashed into a heap when that spirit announced Akuto’s future occupation: Demon King! Did Akuto have any hope of a normal school experience? And what would Junko think?

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Episode 2: The Odd Observer!

Demon King Daimao Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 2, “The Odd Observer!“, Akuto Sai had attracted unwanted attention. The government, curious about his designation as the new Demon King, had sent an android observer named Korone. She intended not only to observe Akuto. Korone also intended to act as his body guard. After all, many students wanted to make a name for themselves as the Demon King Slayer. The school’s principal signed off on the arrangement, so there was little Akuto could.

Of course, the students assumed Korone was the Demon King Mistress from off-campus. Akuto had almost despaired of a normal school life. That’s when the most popular woman on campus, Fujiko Etou, offered to help him. Akuto felt overjoyed. Finally, his luck had changed! But had it? What did Fujiko really want? And will Junko Hattori allow any kind of reconciliation after two humiliating defeats? Even if Akuto hadn’t wanted to fight in the first place…

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Episode 3: The Scary Upperclassman!

Demon King Daimao Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 3, “The Scary Upperclassman!,” we learn more about how much Fujiko Etou used to love her big brother. That was before he got himself killed in a way that disgraced the family. Now, she keeps his reanimated head in a jar. She might have issues. Speaking of issues, Fujiko arranged for Akuto Sai to meet Junko Hattori to apologize. For reasons that can only be attributed to his stunning naiveté, Akuto did not think it odd that the meeting was in an underground dungeon. Fujiko had arranged for Akuto to meet Junko, all right. But only after delinquents bent on making a name for themselves attacked him. Junko arrived just in time to see Akuto utterly overpower them. Of course, she misinterpreted what she saw. What’s Fujiko up to? And will Akuto ever get to apologize to Junko?

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Episode 4: Is Solitary Fun?

Demon King Daimao Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 4, “Is Solitary Fun?“, Akuto Sai had an instant of pure happiness. During magic class, Junko Hattori offered to partner with him for magic ball tossing practice! Unfortunately, his euphoria didn’t last long. He tried to toss a low-power, puny little ball of magic energy back to her. Instead, it flew high into the air and exploded. On the plus side, the mushroom cloud was amazing and could have been seen for miles. On the negative size, Hattori ended up in the hospital again.

Mitsuko Torii sent him into solitary confinement, not as punishment, but as a tool to help him train his mind. He had to get better control of his magic! Apparently, neither Korone nor Keena Soga understood the idea of “solitary,” because they ended up in there with him. Caught between Korone’s sarcastic teasing and Keena’s full bladder, can Akuto keep his sanity? And what did he find when he pushed up too hard against the wall?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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Episode 5: Beware the Labyrinth!

Demon King Daimao Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 5, “Beware the Labyrinth!,” Akuto Sai, on a mission from the student council, descended into the labyrinth to learn what had injured so many students. akuto felt happy that Korone and Hiroshi Miwa went with him. Akuto didn’t feel as enthusiastic about Eiko Teruya. Unfortunately, short of violence, he didn’t see any way to stop her. But Akuto still didn’t trust her. It seemed his instinct was right. When Keena Soga told Junko Hattori where Akuto had gone — and with whom — Junko ran off after him in alarm. That prompted Keena to gather reinforcements of her own. Why does Junko consider Eiko an enemy? What is Akuto getting himself into? And will Eiko ever stop riding his back?

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Episode 6: Let’s Go to the School By the Sea!

Demon King Daimao Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 6, “Let’s Go to School by the Sea!,” the power struggle to control Akuto Sai kicked into high gear. The government ordered Korone to seduce Akuto so he would be easier to control. Fujiko Etou hasn’t given up on her dreams of domination, and she went so far as to consult with Peterhausen, who felt more than a little willing to hear her out. Even Lily Shiraishi got into the act by making a proposal to both Fujiko and Peterhausen — but with strings attached. And all the while, Akuto, unaware that events were over taking him, tried to get closer to Junko Hattori even as Korone tried to get into the way. Does Akuto have any chance at a normal school experience? Or is this “Demon King” thing already well beyond his control?

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Episode 7: The Legendary Hero Appears?!

Demon King Daimao Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 7, “The Legendary Hero Appears?!,” a mysterious figure gunned down KoroneAkuto Sai rushed to her side and found that she was made of sterner stuff than he’d expected. But his couldn’t enjoy his relief for long. Saying she’d failed in her mission, she said her final goodbyes and returned to base.

Meanwhile, rumors of the Demon King and the Hero who would protect society spread through the village. But the residents’ distain for Hiroshi Miwa humiliated the young man in front of his sister Yukiko, who sped off to confront Akuto, the supposed Demon King. Unfortunately, Akuto’s antipathy for his role as Demon King only added to Hiroshi’s humiliation. Can Akuto patch things up with his friend? Or will the rumors of animosity between the Demon King and Hero come true? And who’s that crazy man near the lake — and why does he call himself Mister X?

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Episode 8: Do You Have a Crush?

Demon King Daimao Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 8, “Do You Have a Crush?“, Akuto Sai felt certain he remembered Keena Soga from the orphanage. She even still had the barrette he’d given her. Inexplicably, however, she claimed not to remember him. Does she really not recall — or is she hiding what she knows?

Fujiko Etou planned to subdue the awakening demon beasts under the school as a gift for the future Demon Lord. Well, less a gift and more a bribe. When one of the beasts gets a little too frisky, she had to fricassee it so it would know who’s boss. Peterhausen saw what she’d done, and he wondered: Did she know that all manner of demon beasts, great and small, were coming back to life — and that the one she’d just dominated was small? Did she think she could control a large one? Because she would be in a rude awakening if she tried…

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Episode 9: Marriage Interview Chaos!

Demon King Daimao Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 9, “Marriage Interview Chaos!,” Junko Hattori isn’t convinced that Akuto Sai really understood what’s going on regarding the summons to meet her father. She tried to role play several scenarios, and she only succeeded in proving to herself that Akuto was, in fact, completely clueless. Fortunately, Korone had been eavesdropping, and she offered to help. Will Akuto ever understand that he’s been invited to the Hattori estate, not for political reasons, but for reasons of the heart? And if he does, would he even know how to react?

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Episode 10: Akuto’s Imperial Capital War!

Demon King Daimao Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 10, “Akuto’s Imperial Capital War!“, any hope that Akuto Sai had of avoiding the title Demon Kind died when Yamato Bouichirou, a member of the government, threatened Keena Soga’s freedom. Faced with the choice of letting Bouichirou dominate Keena or embracing the title of Demon King — and the power it represented — Akuto chose the power. And with it, he publicly earned the civilized world’s enmity. Even Hiroshi Miwa harshly judged Akuto. Or did he? Could Akuto reason with Hiroshi? And what about Lily Shiraishi? Would she oppose the Demon King? Or does she have an agenda of her own?

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Episode 11: The Girls’ Final Battle

Demon King Daimao Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 11, “The Girls’ Final Battle,” it seemed that the flying battleship Genkaku had crushed Akuto Sai and Peter HausenJunko Hattori and Fujiko Etou felt despondent, until Keena Soga announced he’s not dead! How did Keena know? Could they trust the red-haired airhead? Yamato Bouichirou had nearly defeated the Headmaster when Hiroshi Miwa/Brave tried to intervene — only to find that the Brave armor disappeared at a command from Yamato! Guess who created Brave in the first place! Will Hiroshi try to fight Yamato without armor? Or will he be forced to help the insane time traveler?

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Episode 12: All Done?

Demon King Daimao Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In Demon King Daimao episode 12, “All Done?”, Yamato Bouichirou finally achieved one of his goals: He captured Keena Soga. Now, he approached the source of power, where he planned to use Keena’s role as Principle of Identity to claim control of God. Akuto Sai, with the help of Peter Hausen, has a different plan. Can they reach Keena in time? If they do, how will Yamato react? And where did those guardians come from? Will they help Akuto or Yamato? Or is that completely the wrong question?

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