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Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode Guide

Episode 1: Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 1 Review: He Brought Us Bento!

In Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 1, “Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku”, Kyoujurou Rengoku arrived at the train station to investigate the disappearance of 40 people onboard the Mugen Train. Not only that, but someone, or something, has been slashing people to death in the surrounding town. With the train being scheduled to go back into service, the Demon Slayer has little time to act. Can Rengoku find and dispatch the demon in time? Or will more people die on the train?

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Episode 2: Deep Sleep

Demon Slayer 2 Episode 2: Bliss

In Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 2, “Deep Sleep,” Tanjirou Kamado, Inosuke Hashibira, and Zenitsu Agatsuma boarded the Mugen train looking for the Hashira Kyoujurou Rengoku. There were only two problems. First, as the train got under way, Inosuke went wild with delight at the train’s speed. It was all Zenitsu could do to keep Inosuke from plastering his face to every window they passed. The second was that some random guy towards the front of the train kept shouting “Umai!” every few seconds. Tanjirou was shocked to find that Umai-man was actually the Hashira they were looking for! But then an exhausted-looking conductor punched their tickets, and everything started to go downhill from there.

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Episode 3: Should Have Been

Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 3 Review: I Wish I Could Stay Here Forever

In Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 3, “Should Have Been,” the demon Enmu’s attack on Kyoujurou RengokuTanjirouInosuke, and Zenitsu intensified. Rengoku is forced to relive telling his father about become Hashira, but his father didn’t care. Zenitsu found himself back on his grandfather’s farm, on a date with Not Demon Nezuko, while Insouke was leading a cave expedition with Nezuko as a bunny girl. Tanjirou, though, had the most difficult dream. It seemed to be a perfectly-crafted dream to ensnare him forever. The worst part about it? He was more than a willing participant. Can any of them throw off the attack, before it’s too late?

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Episode 4: Insult

Demon Slayer 2 Episode 4: Sleep When You’re Dead

himself from the dream in which he found himself trapped. But, if he had come to the wrong conclusion, the effects could be catastrophic — and lethal. But he can’t afford to delay. Though he doesn’t know it, every second brings one of the Tired Children closer to his own spiritual core. Similar fates awaited Inosuke Hashibira, and Zenitsu Agatsuma, too. Can Tanjirou make a decision in time? Will it be the right decision? Or will their situation get even worse?

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Episode 5: Move Forward!

Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 5 Review: Right On The Money

In Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 5, “Move Forward!”, Enmu, having confided that the train had become his entire body to Tanjirou, launched an all-out attack on the 200 passengers. Enmu’s plan was to exhaust the Demon Slayers, including InosukeZenitsu, and even the Hashira Rengoku, then leisurely feast on them all. And based on Enmu’s regenerative abilities, the plan looked pretty solid. Can Tanjirou and friends, even with Nezuko’s help, protect the passengers? And if they solely do that, how will they confront and kill Enmu?

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Episode 6: Akaza

Demon Slayer 2 Episode 6: Still Fighting

In Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 6, “Akaza,” Tanjirou Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira may have tag-teamed the demon Enmu, but their troubles were far from over. The train that had been Enmu’s body convulsed, flinging all and sundry all over the landscape. Is Enmu really dead? Just how bad is Tanjirou’s wound? Will the conductor try to finish the job he started with ice pick? And will Inosuke ever get Tanjirou’s name right?

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Episode 7: Set Your Heart Ablaze

Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 7: Until The End

In Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc episode 7, “Set Your Heart Ablaze,” no matter what technique Kyoujurou Rengoku employs against Akaza, the demon regenerates almost instantly. At the same times, Rengoku’s wounds accumulate. Finally, one eye crushed and with innumerable other wounds, he stands before Akaza. The only thing keeping him alive seems to be the demon’s insistent attempts to convince Rengoku to become a demon. With Tanjirou incapacitated and Insokue frozen by the knowledge Akaza is well beyond him, does Rengoku stand any chance? Won’t Akaza just strike one more time to finish him? Or does Rengoku have one more trick up his sleeve?

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2 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode Guide

  1. So… Stand back! Stupid question incoming! Be not amazed by my lack of thought… Anyway the Mugen Train arc… How much of it went into the movie? Yeah yeah the answer is probably right above me BUT surveys are calling. And it’s Sunday so it’s do it now or miss out. Anyway guess we will see what future arc will make up the second movie… As opposed to them actually making a 100% original movie like most franchises in the past… Ok nuff of my trademark low intelligence. Good work as always!

    1. Not stupid at all! It was something I wondered about before watching.

      It turns out that almost all of the movie became the Mugen Train Arc. The first episode was also almost entirely series-only, and I think they added a scene here and there.

      So the movie came first, and they adapted it into the series.

      I enjoyed the movie, but to be honest, the series added enough scenes that I preferred the series.

      It was an interesting approach! It allowed them to earn money from the movie, then earn more from the series fees (whatever those might be).

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