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In Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc episode 2, “Yoriichi Type Zero,” Tanjirou tried to defend the little swordsmith Kotetsu from Hashira Muichirou Tokitou. It looked like Muichirou was a merciless bully! But the Hashira made a case for why he needed the key. So much so that Tanjirou had to admit he couldn’t find a flaw with Muichirou’s arguments! Where does that leave Tanjirou’s defense of Kotetsu? And why did Muichirou want the key from Kotetsu?

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Tanjirou was not a fan of Muichirou’s negotiating skills. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Tanjirou took issue with Muichirou’s callousness towards Kotetsu. The Hashira even swatted Tanjirou aside and called him weak. Tanjirou? Weak? Maybe he’s a little out of shape because just freaking helped kill one of the Upper Moons. So I think being a little out of shape after spending two months flat on his back is understandable!

Can Tanjirou get his point across? Is Muichirou right to make his demands? And what roles does Kotetsu play in the village, anyway?

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