Dimension W Episode 6 Review: A Foreign Prince and a Restless Youth

In Dimension W episode 6, The Wind of Africa, we learn that Mira Yurizaki’s not the only one with a powerful artificial body. And we learn — gasp! — that Kyōma Mabuchi can be nice, but not to Yurizaki.

What Happened in Dimension W Episode 6

Salva Ene Tibesti Arrives in Japan

Prince/CEO/COO Salva pretends to appreciate the adoring crowds, but really despises them. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Salva Ene Tibesti, CEO of robot maker Islero and COO of Central 60, arrives in Japan on his private jet amid the cheers of adoring young women. He pretends to appreciate their attention, but as soon as he gets in his armored limousine, he tells Lasithi, his Japanese contact, that he thinks slaves covered in ashes were more beautiful. More to the point, he prefers women whose wills he can bind with his power. He’s annoyed when Lasithi tells him that Prince Lwai, someone who’s critical to his plans in Japan, has disappeared again.

On his way back from almost visiting the grave of his deceased girlfriend, Mabuchi runs into Lwai. The prince feels disappointed that Japan is nothing like he expected (no samurai running around, for example). Lwai’s excited when he sees Mabuchi, thinking the man’s a samurai, but just then one of Salva’s lackeys tries to retrieve Lwai. Mabuchi happens to be in the way and the lackey tries to incapacitate him. Of course, that ended badly for the lackey. They escape. Mabuchi finds out that Lwai has a body like Yurizaki (i.e., artificial), so he figures out that the lackey was after the prince. After introductions, Mabuchi understands that Lwai is related to Salva Ene Tibesti, the Wind of Africa.

On the way to get his robe repaired, Lwai convinces Mabuchi to stop at a festival, where he plays as if he’d never had the chance before.

Tsubaki Prefers Mabuchi Not Die in Her Happi

Tsubaki insists that Mabuchi not die in the happi coat she made for him. Capture from the Funimation stream.
Tsubaki insists that Mabuchi not die in the happi coat she made for him. Capture from the Funimation stream.

They finally arrive at the clothing store run by Azumaya Tsubaki, sister to Miyabi (Mabuchi’s deceased girlfriend), who still considers herself his sister. She has been his clothier, so she’s ready with a replacement happi coat, complete with sheaths for his knives. She asks if he visited Miyabi’s grave, and she laments that it’s time for him to forgive himself for what happened. He says he’s determined to get back what he lost. Lasithi arrives and takes Lwai back to Salva. Lwai goes willingly after Mabuchi gives him a fan as a parting gift.

Salva sends Lwai off to start”the largest fireworks in history.” The latter arrives at Mary’s establishment and demolishes her robot bodyguard, which was renowned for being military-grade and nearly impossible to defeat — much less destroy. Lwai does not hurt Mary.

Loser finds another coil, but much to his disappointment, it’s not a numbered coil. He says he only needs to find one more before he can unleash his plan.

The next day, Mabuchi and Yurizaki visit Mary. She is furious that someone broke one of her possessions. Mabuchi figures out the attacker was Lwai. In addition to destroying Mary’s robot, Lwai left an invitation to all collectors to come to Easter Island on a certain date.

Lasithi’s earrings double as a cell phone. Pretty convenient! Capture from the Funimation stream.

Before leaving Japan, Salva had dinner with Claire Skyheart of New Tesla Energy. He tells her that he’s going to leverage his speciality — war — to start a war that will prevent a worse conflict. He will host an event on the devastated Easter Island.

At the end, Mabuchi decides he’s going to Easter Island for the event.

What I Liked about Dimension W Episode 6

Lasithi’s earrings doubled as a phone. That’s pretty convenient!

Lwai’s expectations of Japan seemed cute and quaint: he expected to see samurai and other cliche elements of Japanese culture but was disappointed to see metropolitan Japanese cities seemed just like his home.

Seeing Lwai happily run around the festival was bitter-sweet: he seemed just like a child, but against the backdrop of knowing Salva had plans for him, I had a terrible premonition that things weren’t going to stay so happy.

Mabuchi flat-out praises Tsubaki’s craftsmanship. I can’t remember him showing such honest emotions before. It’s good to know he has it in him!

I like to dislike Salva. He’s arrogant, he enjoys projecting his will at the expense of others, and he enjoys making war. He’s pretty much the epitome of negativity.

When she learns of Salva’s plans to hold an event at Easter island, Claire wonders what “that beast” (Mabuchi, I assume) will think of it. She’s an intriguing character. I’d like to know more about what drives her — why is the so worried about earth’s possible destruction? How much does she know about Mabuchi’s past — maybe more than he does? What’re her plans?

What I Liked Less about Dimension W Episode 6

Lwai is happy to finally meet a samurai — Mabuchi. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Mabuchi continues to disparage Yurizaki by calling her “piece of junk.” I wish he’d get over his disdain for her and start treating her with at least a little respect. She’s clearly sentient, after all.

Yurizaki wasn’t in this episode very much. In fact, the more she’s apart from Mabuchi, the more I wonder how the series will leverage their partnership. I would think if it’s important, they would be together so they can get to know one another. It seems strange to me.

Thoughts about Dimension W Episode 6

Mabuchi’s determined to get back what he lost. Does that mean he’s entertaining using the coils to recreate an alternate timeline where Miyabi lives? I don’t like the sounds of that. It could lead to planetary armageddon. Is that what Claire’s worried about?

I mentioned earlier that I’m less than happy with how harshly Mabuchi treats Yurizaki. I can accept a certain level of that if I understand why he’s doing it, but I don’t. Sure, he dislikes coils, but Mary uses them, and other people all around him use them all the time. I really hope the show tells me why Mabuchi is so rough with her, because I’m having an increasingly difficult time rooting for him.

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