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Quick Summary of Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 2, “Greed Equals Justice,” Ryuusui Nanami sampled Senkuu’s bread and came to a single, inescapable conclusion. It was awful. So awful that he had to revive his petrified butler. Trouble was, Senkuu was fresh out of revival fluid. But Ryuusui had a plan! What was that plan? Did he have some super secret way of making it? And even if they can revive his butler to make bread fit for human consumption, what are they going to do about fuel?

This review might contain spoilers, so please be cautious!

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Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime are collaborating to review Dr. Stone: New World! Irina, how has your week been? It’s warming up here in Ohio. Has spring come to your portion of Canada?

Well right now it’s full on spring. It’s sunny and warm, you could go out without a coat. But last week we had an ice storm and next week it’s going to be 50 degrees so I don’t know. It’s sprigish?

I’m also going to be out west next week and it’s going to be a lot colder there!

Review of Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2

Opening Thoughts about Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2

This episode continued Dr. Stone’s fine tradition of tugging at the heart strings. Or maybe playing those heart strings like a lead guitar. Because that ending… But before we get to that, there are three moments that stood out to me: Minami’s request, Francois’ nearly supernational capabilities, and a timeless gift. 

Irina, before we get started, do you have any opening thoughts about the episode?

The subtitles got François wrong. I don’t know why but it was bugging me the whole time. I’m not usually a stickler for things like that but this is such a common name and I see it all the time so the fact that they were not using ç really jumped out at me every time!

Ryusui: Not a Fan of Charcoal Bread

Remember how badly Senku burned the bread in the previous episode? Well, Ryusui couldn’t take it. He was bound and determined to revive his butler, but they were out of revival fluid. But Ryusui knew where to get some: Minami the reporter, who had been in charge of revivals for the Kingdom of Might. 

Ryusui’s personal greed told him there was no way she didn’t secret away some of that fluid for her own purposes – maybe to revive an informant, for example. She he confronted her. When she didn’t give him what he wanted, Gen did what Gen did best: he used psychology to get her to agree. But he had to promise her something sufficiently odd that he needed to consult with Senkuu.

Did you have any idea what she asked for, Irina? What’d you think of seeing Gen work his magic again?

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2: Gen knew how to negotiate with Minami

Gen knew exactly what to do — even if we had no clue! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I’ll be honest, I had no clue. I remembered the character from previous seasons but not enough to actually know what her deepest desire might be or anything like that. For instance, I did remember that she was a journalist but I honestly had no clue she was a hpotographer and I didn’t even really know if she liked her job in the first place. Maybe it was just something she was good at, you know? 

I’m not sure whether I’m the one who is failing to remember past character development. I mean there are so many characters in this show that I think I could be forgiven for forgetting all the details about one or two, or if the show had not in fact developed her to a point where we should have known. What about you Crow? Did you guess?

I did not guess. In fact, I had no idea!

Minami’s Revival Fluid to the Rescue

Ryusui was right, of course. Minami had secreted away a small amount. Fortunately, they didn’t need a lot. Near the place they had found Ryusui, they found the petrified statue of his butler, François. They had long-ish hair, and Taiju excused himself just in case François was a she. I like Taiju’s chivalry!

They poured the revival fluid on the status. No sooner had the stone began to fall away then the freed person grabbed the clothes the team had brought, dressed themselves, and said in a calm, confident tone (05:50), “I thank you kindly for everything, including the clothes.”

François projected an aura of quiet competency. It’s like they immediately seized control of the conversation. While Nikki, Yuzuriha, Taiju (who had returned), and Minami looked on, François aksed where they could find Ryusui-san. Without even waiting for an answer because they seemed to instinctively know where their master was, they took off. Gen tried to keep up to act as guide.

Irina, what did you think of François? 

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2: François is the epitome of competence

François is almost supernaturally competent. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I quite like their character design. But I’m annoyed by the spelling of their name. Also, if the characters had not made a big deal about it, I think I would probably have assumed that François is a female character. The voice actress has such a delicate voice too.

She’s Lady Tomayo in Demon Slayer and your beloved Echidna from Re:Zero, Crow! Among many many oythers I might add. This lady has had a pretty awesome career so far!

First, I’m flattered you remembered and second, I can’t believe I missed Echidna’s voice actress! I can only plead that the Dr. Stone had so captured my attention that I couldn’t think of anything else!

Was Ryusui a Bad Boss?

As a side note, the scene shifted to where Ryusui waited with Senku, Kohaku, and Chrome for François to arrive. Ryusui mentioned he didn’t have any idea didn’t know François’ real name or even their gender. That completely freaked out Kohaku and Chrome. But I thought Ryusui’s response was fascinating. He said (07:10), “If they’re good, their background and gender don’t matter. Am I right?”

I found I could not disagree with that logic.

I dunno, it kind of sounds like an excuse to not bother to find out anything about the people you work with. You know, it’s just as easy to say, their age, birthday, preferences and beliefs don’t matter… No one was insinuating that François being Japanese or either a man or a woman had any impact on their work, they were just courteous about a fellow human being like people are. And Ryusui was like, nah, don’t care about any of that as long as I get yummy food the minute I want it. 

Kind of make you wonder what that speech will become if François has an off day, you know? 

I can’t disagree with your logic, either.

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2: Chrome and Kohaku were not fans of Ryusui's attitude

Chrome and Kohaku were certainly not fans of Ryusui’s attitude. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

François walked non-stop through the wilds to reach Ryusui. Gen was completely exhausted, but François asked what Ryusui needed to make happen. After questioning Senku to get more specifics, François sprang into action to make Stollen. And promptly became the most popular person in the village. Everyone loved Stollen. And I mean, it was a religious experience for most of them. Tears and all!

Gen’s Agreement with Minami

In an ordinary show, that would have been the climax. And it would have been a good one. But this is Dr. Stone. Merely good is just the starting point. Minami reminded Senku that Gen had promised her something.

So Senku got to work. He made a coating for glass, and suddenly, everyone in the village wanted a mirror just like Minami. I’m thinking, “Well, Minami was a reporter, so she had to be concerned about her looks.” Yes, I’m admitting that I fell into a stereotype, and I can only ask your forgiveness.

Because Dr. Stone didn’t do that.

No, Minami had not asked for a mirror. Minami had asked for a technology adjacent to mirrors. Minami had asked for a camera. Now, I know in some circles, journalists are reviled. There are some who have earned that fate. But the vast majority, in my own personal experience, feel driven to expose falsehoods and right wrongs. It’s almost like a hero complex for some of them. It appears Minami falls into that category.

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2: Minami loved her new camera

I think it’s safe to say that Minami liked the camera. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Had you guessed what Minami asked for before this, Irina? What were your thoughts so far?

As no, I kind of went into it a bit earlier… I tend to do that ;P

I also didn’t think she had asked for a mirror in the first place. I mean Senku wouldn’t have made a big deal about how hard it was to create or gotten Kaseki to come down just to create a mirror. It’s one of those things where I’m actually pretty surprised they hadn’t created some already. I thought they had used mirrors as machine components in the past but maybe they were using natural reflective surfaces. 

Applying Facts to Runtime Plot Conjecture

That’s the other thing, they didn’t need to make a classic silver mirror if it was just going to be used for vanity, you know? As someone who has used a closed computer screen to put makeup on, I know there are way easier ways to go about it. It had to be something a bit more specific, you know. Senku would not have agreed to it otherwise, anyways. He would have just laughed it off or waved the idea away as a waste of time. 

What I loved about these scenes were how they showed a young Minami excitedly tearing a Christmas present open – a new camera. How it showed her growing up, photographing her friends. How she worked her way into journalism. All good stuff. Had me a bit emotional, given I worked on newspapers – even started one – in my college days.

And then the show stabbed me in the heart. I admire dedication in a character. I root strongly for characters who struggle against diversity to do their best. On the last day of the world, when the green wave swept over the population, do you know what Minami did? 

She brought up her camera and tried to take a picture.

That one act of courage just blew me away. This show know exactly how to deliver those moments, and it’s cool to see they still have it.

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2: Minami's last act was to try to photograph the green wave

Minami’s last act in the modern world was to try to get the shot. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Irina, what did you think? 

Minami’s Dedication or a Connected World’s Habit?

I think it’s lovely that you see it that way. I figure if a huge green light flares up somewhere, we’re going to have a billion smartphone photos of it. Like it’s just the natural instinct of people right now and seems like the most normal thing in the world. But you see it as an act of courage and I think that’s just great. 

Personally I’m more moved by your optimistic spirit!

Why did I just think of Nelson saying “Some of us prefer illusion to despair?”

There were so many other cool little moments, like Kaseki riding to the village in Steam Gorilla III with Minami driving. But Irina, I want to give you a chance to bring up any moments I might have glossed over. 

Let me think. I enjoyed the episode overall but I can’t say anything stood out. I also liked the Gorilla ride. It was a nice little comic moment. And I guess that even though I knew exactly what type of picture Senku took, I still really liked seeing it. I like when Dr. Stone slips in real world references for some reason. I feel like it solidifies the universe maybe? 

The episode ended with Senku and Ryusui using the cameras to continue their geological survey. They’re still looking for oil, and they can’t leave port without it! 

I’m not entirely sure how arial photos are going to help them find oil. Of course I’m by no means an expert in that particular field. But I’m looking forward to having it explained to me!

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2 Review

  1. Bread: Acquired.

    François Rocks! 🥳✨

    Stollen – – is more readily available in our time, and … unsurprisingly … appears exactly as depicted.

    (The pleasures of food have and continue to be a recurring theme.)

    If I’ve a down for this episode, it’s that I’d hoped to see more detail on how to construct a working camera. ✨📷✨

    So funny, how after gifting Minami with the first one, Senku wheeled out about a dozen more. ✨😹✨

    Aerial Photography is a valuable tool in mapmaking, as the resulting pictures can be studied in detail and at leisure.

    Minami was a minor character in Seasons #1 and #2, featured more prominently in the Ryusui Special Episode, and gifted with some welcome backstory here.

    If I’m remembering correctly, early “Film” was indeed chemically-treated glass plates – Check out for a breakdown of the science in this episode. 🧪🧫☝️✨

    The resolution of glass plate film was remarkably high – some have claimed approaching infinite – though as noted in the episode, it was best to stand perfectly still, otherwise the resulting image would be prone to blurring.

    1. It’s fun to see just how accurate the science is in these episodes (at least most of the time!). Thanks for the link — I enjoyed watching that YouTube video.

      I didn’t know that about glass plate film. I remember seeing some examples somewhere (a museum, maybe?) and being impressed. I did a little quick Googling after reading your comment. It’s cool to see how some folks were estimating the resolution in DPI. Good stuff!

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