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In Dr. Stone: New World episode 4, “Eyes of Science,” the village was abuzz with conjecture about who Why Man might be. Instead of wondering, Senku set about building a way to find out. What did he build? Why, the eyes of science, of course! What was this device? What did he see with it? And what amazing invention did Chrome come up with?

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Dr. Stone: New World Episode 4: Can Chrome, Ryusui, Senku, Ukyou, and Gen figure out who Why Man is?

These five tried to figure out their next steps now that they had encountered their enemy — even if from afar. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

In the previous episode, our heroes encountered the Morse code representation of their enemy. Now it’s time to make plans. How does one counter an enemy of unknown capabilities? Why, one assembles the best available people and lets them focus on the problem. Senku, Chrome, Ryusui, Ukyou, and Gen turned their collective intellects on the problem. What did they conclude? What are their next steps?

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