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Dr. Stone: New World Episode Guide

Episode 1: New World Map

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 1 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 1, “New World Map,” Senkuu worked hard to get everything together for his planned trip to the new world. He had his captain (Ryuusui). The village busily worked on the ship. Now, they just had two remaining issues: food and fuel. Which, unfortunately, are in profoundly short supply. Can Senkuu overcome these issues? Can his friends help? And what does Kohaku have to say about the arrival of Ryuusui?

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Episode 2: Greed Equals Justice

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 2 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 2, “Greed Equals Justice,” Ryuusui Nanami sampled Senkuu’s bread and came to a single, inescapable conclusion. It was awful. So awful that he had to revive his petrified butler. Trouble was, Senkuu was fresh out of revival fluid. But Ryuusui had a plan! What was that plan? Did he have some super secret way of making it? And even if they can revive his butler to make bread fit for human consumption, what are they going to do about fuel?

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Episode 3: First Contact

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 3 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 3, “First Contact,” the search for oil continues. For a long time, in fact. Summer’s over, and it’s time to harvest the wheat! Tanjiu was in his element, but everyone else was exhausted. That’s when Ryusui realized that since farm work was harder for more people than hunting, they had to sustain the population. He asked François to open a restaurant. Now, in addition to oil, they had to look for specialized ingredients! Can the village sustain that effort for long? Might there be unexpected benefits? And isn’t there a character we haven’t seen yet in this season?

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Episode 4: Eyes of Science

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 4 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 4, “Eyes of Science,” the village was abuzz with conjecture about who Why Man might be. Instead of wondering, Senku set about building a way to find out. What did he build? Why, the eyes of science, of course! What was this device? What did he see with it? And what amazing invention did Chrome come up with?

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Episode 5: Science Vessel Perseus

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 5 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 5, “Science Vessel Perseus,” even Senku’s genius couldn’t protect against the lack of high-precision tooling. As Kaseki tried to assemble the massive ship, this or that piece would come up short. Others might be too long, or misaligned. Kaseki was at his wit’s end, even after Senku reassured him that it wasn’t his fault. If Kaseki can’t assemble the great ship, who can? Who has the necessary engineering knowledge of ships? And why can’t Minami seem to capture Kohaku on film?

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Dr. Stone: New World Episode 6 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 6, “TREASURE BOX,” SenkuRyusui, and the crew of the science vessel Perseus approached their first destination: the island where Senku’s father, Byakuya Ishigami, had landed after the petrification event. Senku is convinced that the trip will be worthwhile. Why? What can he hope to find after 3,700 years? Is the island uninhabited? And who’s that strange guy with an “X” on his head — the guy no one can remember?

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Episode 7: Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 7 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 7, “Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope,” the science vessel Perseus approached the island where Senku’s farther Byakuya had landed in the space capsule almost four thousand years ago. Senku, KohakuGen, and Soyuz went ashore to look for either the treasure they sought or natives they could meet. Meanwhile, using his sonar, Ukyou, picked up alarming signals from the ocean floor. Ginro volunteered to take a look, thinking a nice swim would get him out of deck duty. But Ginro was very wrong. And Ukyou was right to be concerned! What did Ginro find? Did Senku and the landing party meet any natives? And who stowed away onboard the Perseus?

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Episode 8: The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 8 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 8, “The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel,” Amaryllis told SenkuuKohakuGen, and Soyuz something that astonished them: she knew the secret of the petrification beam. And she knew from personal experience. What does she know? What is she really up to? And is she really willing to work with Senkuu to save the crew of the Perseus — and her own people who have been petrified?

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Episode 9: Beautiful Science

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 9 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 9, “Beautiful Science,” Senkuu and Gen voiced real doubts that Ginrou could leverage his position on the Perseus to help them regain the mobile lab. Kohaku, though, believed in him. Meanwhile, on the ship, Ginrou was about to behave exactly as Senkuu and Gen expected. But then he saw the petrified form of Kinrou on the deck. Will the stone form of his friend galvanize his resolve? Destroy it? And where is Suika in all of this?

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Episode 10: SCIENCE WARS

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 10 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 10, “SCIENCE WARS,” Senkuu’s Kingdom of Science finally had spies on the inside. But there was a problem. Now that KohakuAmaryllis, and Ginrou were closer to the inner palace, they were farther away from Senkuu and the science team. How would they communicate? Even if they could communicate, how would they get around Kirisame and her petrification grenade? And even if they got around those problems, who or what is the master? Clearly, the science team has some more work to do!

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Episode 11: With This Fist, a Miracle

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 11 Review

In Dr. Stone: New World episode 11, “With This Fist, a Miracle,” Kohaku continued exploring the site she suspected was the old Soyuz capsule. She dug down through the layers of dirt until she hit something like stone. She was surprised, but Senkuu wasn’t. He expected his father to have encased the capsule in concrete. Now, the question was: how do they open it with making so much noise they’d attract all their enemies? Kohaku could break through the concrete, after all – but even she would make a racket! And once they break in, then what? How would they get the goods from the village to the Science Team?

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