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Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 12: Favorites

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Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 12 – Quick Summary

In Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 episode 12, “The Kingdom of Science’s Counterattack,” Senkuu built on the fruits of his father’s platinum prospecting to make nitric acid, which was the key to reviving their friends. But he couldn’t produce industrial quantities of the stuff, so he had to be careful about who they revived. Worse, their enemies were busily breaking up their petrified friends and hurling the rubble overboard! Can Senkuu find a way to retrieve the statues? Or did he just make nitric acid for nothing?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 12

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 12: Kohaku looked so innocent after pulverizing Ryuusui's statue

Look at that sweet, innocent face! Doesn’t look like she’d lift a finger to harm anyone! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Ibara is one cruel SOB, isn’t he? He suspected a traitor had infiltrated his tribe. Knowing he has an advanced anchored in a cove, he had to conclude they knew how to unpetrify people. Did we know he knew that? I wasn’t sure – but based on what he tried to do, he had to know.

Ibara asked the people in the village to break up the statue of Ryuusui. He wanted them to prove their loyalty. His thought process was logical and very, very brutal. He thought that whoever was allied with Ryuusui would not want to destroy his statue, and therefore his ability to regenerate.

But the dude did not count on Senkuu’s plan. Or Kohaku’s raw power. Senkuu briefed her over her wireless earpiece. Immediately, she leapt on the platform and just pulverized the statue. Then she proudly announced it was all done.

“Problem?” she asked sweetly.

One of the guards, shaking so hard he could barely stand, said (05:29), “No, I think I’m good.”

I missed Kohaku! I’m glad she’s back. And is it just me, or did she seem like she had way too much fun smashing that statue?

Favorite Moment from Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 12

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 12: Taiju was ready to go

Need an amazing feat of strength? Even at the bottom of the ocean? I got the guy for you! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: The Cast is Cool, Individually

This episode was all about the characters. Not just as individuals, though many of the characters had some great moments! Kohaku turning Ryuusui’s status to gravel; Suika making a new captain’s hat for Ryuusui because she felt guilty he got turned to stone saving her, but oh-so-grateful for him doing so; or Gen observing that he and Senkuu were the last choices for tasks requiring physical prowess. As individuals, they each have their strengths, and I like seeing them do their things!

That’s cool enough. Those moments could have carried the episode. But Dr. Stone reminded me of how much I like the ensemble aspect of the cast. These folks know each other. They like each other. They can sometimes even predict what the others will do or say. Remember Kohaku accurately predicting what Ryuusui would say when he revived (06:36)?

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 12: Kohaku knew Ryuusui very well

Kohaku knew exactly what Ryuusui would say after being revived. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

My favorite moment is an example of that kind of earned trust. There’s something about people building a fabric of mutual trust that I really like. I’ve experienced it a few times in my life, and I consider those times among the most precious in memory.

Ryuusui and Soyuz had gone on their dive and had finally found the petrified version of Kaseki. It was a good thing they had found him – they were almost out of air, and they had no way to get more. They needed to either bring him to the surface, or their plans would crash and burn.

Trouble was, Kaseki’s status had sunk waist deep into the muck. Ryuusui and Soyuz could not free him. What would they do with only minutes of air left?Ryuusui understood the situation. He’s also a man of action. He sent a quick Morse code signal to the surface, using the rope as the medium. He knew he didn’t have time for a long message; he had to be cryptic. Fortunately, he knew – he trusted – that the master of cryptic, Gen, was on the other end.

Delivery: But the Ensemble is Even Better!

It took Gen only seconds to understand what Ryuusui wanted: a vial of the revival fluid. He didn’t waste time asking how he would use it. Nor did he burn precious seconds debating the situation with Senkuu. He just sent the vial.

Pretty cool, huh? But it gets better. At first, I thought Ryuusui was going to roll the dice on Kaseki being able to free himself. But nope! Ryuusui knew that no matter how strong Kaseki might be, they’d need someone stronger. Someone nearby, in fact: Taiju.

Using some of the little air remaining in his tank, Ryuusui vented around Taiju and applied the revival fluid (19:40). But there was a problem – Taiju’s arm had broken off! And Ryuusui couldn’t communicate that to Soyuz!

Ah, but Soyuz is part of that web – he’s fully invested in the team’s success. He saw Ryuusui’s eyes dart to the stump. Finding the arm nearby, he held it in place while Ryuusui applied the fluid. Taiju became human again!

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 12: Taiju was quite shocked to find himself under water

In his defense, Taiju was just revived, so I think it’s natural finding himself under water might be a bit disconcerting. He recovered well, though. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

And almost drowned. Dude’ under several dozen meters of water, after all! But he kept his wits about him. He took only one gulp of air from Ryuusui’s nearly depleted supply.

“I’ll manage on that single breath!” he thought, pretty much loudly enough for Ryuusui and Soyuz to hear (21:09). And of course, he used his ridiculous strength to free Kaseki.

Yeah, the whole sequence stretched credibility. Or it would have, in a show with a more serious tone. But here, it just fit. It was a microcosm of how science works, in fact: each person in the chain contributes to the end result, and the failure of any one could mean disaster for the whole. Even beyond the benefits of any given scientific discovery, this spun web of mutual gain is what I love about science. We could use a lot more of that!What did you think Ryuusui’s real de-petrification? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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