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Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19: Favorites

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Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19 – Quick Summary

In Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 episode 19, “LAST MAN STANDING,” Senkuu had tried to activate the Medusa device to petrify Ibara using his “cellphone.” But, the gambit didn’t work. Now, Senkuu, the man whose idea of a workout including nothing even remotely physically strenuous, found himself facing off against Ibara – the warrior priest. Armed with nothing but a weighty “cellphone” and some miscellaneous vials, what can Senkuu do? Is it only a matter of time before Ibara reclaims the Medusa device and finally turns Senkuu back into a statue?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19: Senkuu had a lot of experience working with numbers in his head

Practice makes perfect. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

As often as this show has delivered coolness, I still wondered how in the world they could explain Senkuu not being petrified. Well, they certainly showed me, didn’t they? It wasn’t only a great idea. It was emotionally powerful, too. Chrome, Niki, Ryuusui, and the rest had so much faith in Senkuu (and themselves) that they almost cheerfully agreed with Chrome’s plan to give Senkuu precise measurements of how fast the petrification sphere expanded.

Maybe they were cheerful because they had a purpose, something to accomplish, before being turned to stone. I know that would have helped me keep my stuff together!

Senkuu took his responsibility seriously. I loved his thought process as he decided he needed to throw the de-petrification fluid in the air so that it would hit him just after the devices began to petrify him.

Among the various conclusions he came to, one stood paramount: the need for precision. If his throw was a little too early, or a littlewide, he would die, and Ibara would win. He knew what the situation called for was a “ten billion percent” accurate countdown.

Even as the green sphere raced towards him, he maintained enough of a sense of humor to think (07:50), “Sadly, I’ve had a ridiculous 3,700 years of practice doing that.”

That’s a lot of time to practice.

Favorite Moment from Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19: Things were very different for Senkuu this time

Things were very different this time. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: The Weight of Solitude

Senkuu’s raw, almost primal shout of victory nearly claimed the title as my favorite moment. Then my real favorite moment rolled around, and I had to sit back in delighted astonishment. I’ll bet you know the moment I’m talking about!

After a victory that really did have me sitting on the edge of my office chair, Senkuu made his way to the mountain top. The music set a heavy mood. He walked past statue after statue. He could only hear the wind. The sense of oppressive isolation made me feel heavy, even on my side of the monitor.

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19: Senkuu felt completely alone after his victory

The muted light, the piano-heavy music, even his slow pace hammered home the idea that he was all alone. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

He finally made it to the top. He looked shaken; he looked spent. It was clear that the victory taken a lot out of him. But the knowledge of what had almost come to pass – complete defeat at the hands of a capable, ruthless villain – shook him to the core. The setting sun found him still there, just staring. “I’m alone,” he said (21:09). And I tell you what – it felt like he was alone. It felt like he was the only person still mobile on the entire planet. The scene felt utterly desolate, even in victory. “Again,” he added, thinking of his experiences after being revived for the first time. “I’m alone again.”

Delivery: Community to the Rescue

Then, his “cellphone” crackled. Ruri was calling. I can only assume she’d been trying for days, but Senkuu had been busy, and he likely had not been high enough to receive her signal. She asked how things were going.

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19: Ruri reminded Senkuu of something very important.

Ruri helped him understand an essential fact. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

“No,” he said (21:56). At first, I thought he meant that things were not okay. I mean, I couldn’t blame the guy. He’d just been through an emotionally devastating experience, and emotions aren’t Senkuu’s thing. Then he added, “I’m not alone this time.”

Everything in this arc clicked. Their confidence in science (i.e., trying to understand things as they really are), their confidence in each other. Their faith in their community all came together in that one sentence. It was everything I love about this series in five words (with one of them being a contraction). Hoping to experience the purity of the emotion those words evoked is why I watch anime. It’s why I try to craft stories. I’m glad I can share this moment with you. I hope it struck you with that kind of resonance!

What did you think of the fight against Ibara? What were your favorite moments? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 19: Favorites

  1. Believe it or not, I’d actually figured out Senku’s escape strategy last week, to toss a bottle of Revival Fluid timed precisely to hit him at the exact (… as Hyouga might say) Proper Moment, but didn’t get around to posting that guess anywhere before this episode dropped.

    Likewise, I’d wondered if they had built the Drone for nothing: Of course not.

    Another terrific emotional beat at the very end: Wise of them not to have put all of Humanity’s eggs in one ‘Perseus’-shaped basket. 🧺✨

    Random Thoughts:

    – How many times has Ryusui undergone Petrification now? I’ve lost count.

    – Those earrings got a lot of use. “Information Warfare” indeed!

    – Lucky thing Ruri didn’t phone in at an inopportune moment (… though perhaps the non-powered earrings wouldn’t have been able to receive such a distant transmission without an antenna.)

    – In addition to his other qualities, Ibara is observant and analytical, able to process, extrapolate from and act upon data as it presents itself, in real time. Dude is scary.

    – The Petrification Kingdom is leaderless now, so … ‘Grand Bout II’ anyone? 🤼‍♀️🥊✨

    – Adapts Manga Chapters #135-137

    Who will Senku revive first, I wonder? 🤔✨

    So much of the effectiveness of this show is cumulative, there’s a definite sense that scenes of trust are earned.

    We’d talked a bit about Hyouga’s turn-around, but it’s easy to forget that he and Homura have essentially been in jail for well over a year at this point, that’s a long time to be fed and (… presumably) humanely cared for, almost entirely off-camera: The guy who does the YouTube videos focusing on the science of the show reacted with mild shock at their re-emergence, I believe his exact words were, “These two are still in this Anime?” 😱✨

    Running an episode ahead, so I’ve already seen 3.20, looking forward to reading your thoughts on that one.

    1. I do believe you! I did not figure it out, but in retrospect, I could see how you could. I really enjoyed how they kept the explanation rational.

      Ryusui had the original event, then the event on Perseus, then this one — was there another? I find I can’t remember, either.

      I inferred, though I could be wrong, that Ruri could only get through because Senkuu was on top of the central mountain. Though, come to think of it, so was Kohaku on a couple of occasions. So, yeah, it’s good Ruri didn’t disrupt Kohaku’s concentration at a key moment!

      Ibara made a great villain, especially to oppose Senkuu. Dude nearly pulled it off, too!

      I have a feeling that Kirisame will back Soyuz as leader. She seemed really distraught at the idea of what Ibara had tricked her into doing. Though that comes in the next episode, doesn’t it? Sorry it took me so long to respond here — too many things going on IRL!

      I hope Hyouga and Homura were well-cared for. But every time we saw them, they were in small, restrictive cages. I mean, it’s not like they could just run around! So I’m not sure how that worked.

      I hope you have a moment to share your thoughts about 3.20 in its comments — that was quite a show!

      1. Full disclosure, while I did work out the solution, it was a lucky guess as much as anything. 🤗✨

        (The show plays remarkably fairly within its parameters though, there was – just barely! – enough information to work the problem.)

        Good points about radio reception, Kirisame, and Hyouga/Homura.

        We can only guess at how well those two were treated, as their confinement was almost entirely off-screen. I find it difficult to imagine our guys being anything but kind, but this was in no way a comfortable situation to cope with.

        Lengthy, rambling discourse about 3.20 just posted: Watched the episode repeatedly since it dropped, kept adding observations with each pass. 🧐✨

        Thanks for your reply, I’m glad that there are at least a few folks online who appreciate ‘Dr. Stone’ as much as I (… kinda obviously) do. 🤗✨

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