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Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21: Favorites

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Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21 – Quick Summary

In Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 episode 21, “Treasure Island,” Senkuu announced their next destination, and it’s the moon. That is an enormous undertaking, but they can’t even start it yet, because there’s another, more immediate problem: the island is in political chaos. Ibara had misruled in the name of the Master, but at least he was a competent leader – when he wasn’t turning individuals to stone. But now, who would fill the leadership vacuum? Who will ensure that the island becomes an ally of the Kingdom of Science? And just how disappointed will Kinrou be in Ginrou by the end of the episode?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21: Byakuya had to teach Senkuu the meaning of science

Byakuya had the right of it – and so did Senkuu. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

So, I’m going to say something that I’ve been told is controversial, but is, to me, akin to saying “One plus one equals two” (in a base ten system, because “one plus one” in a binary system is 10). But maybe you’ll see this the same way I do, and it’s not controversial at all!

My favorite quote belongs to someone I had feared we wouldn’t see again: Byakuya Ishigami, Senkuu’s father. It happened in Senkuu’s memories as he watched the fireworks over the island. Senkuu, being the little genius he was, could recite the chemical composition of the explosions based on their color and duration. But his dad would geek out over the smiley face in the explosion.

In the hopes of educating his son in the true meaning of fireworks, Byakuya said (15:54), “The craftspeople who make fireworks did a lot of prep for today. And just for an instant, it dazzles everyone from above. The science of gunpowder lives on in the hearts of many and gives hope for the future.”

That’s a capsule summary of why I think science is critical for our salvation as a species. But, it’s the same as me saying that theology is our salvation – because between the two, there is no contradiction. And if anyone thinks there is, then I strongly suspect they haven’t done the math right.

Controversial? I can’t see why – but then, I never did claim to see the world the way most folks do!

Favorite Moment from Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21: Mirai needed a moment to understand what Chrome meant; then it hit her

It took Mirai a second to understand the implications of Chrome’s words. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: The Long Game

There were so many cool moments in this episode: Kohaku saying of course they would go to the moon, because who wants doom hanging over them; Soyuz apologizing to his dad because they could not revive him; Kirisame’s heart-felt loyalty welcoming Soyuz as their new leader; Yuzuriha saying she never thought she’d see fireworks again. And that’s just naming a few!

Dr. Stone has consistently delivered powerful emotional moments. One of the reasons is that the show isn’t scared of investing the time to let the moment build organically. This one started some time ago – back in Stone Wars, episode 11

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21: Kohaku was very clear-headed about the lunar threat

Seeing Kohaku serenely say they didn’t want to sit around passively waiting for the moon to attack was very cool. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I’d wondered about whether the show would go there, now that they’ve made it clear the Medusa device seems to heal most wounds. In fact, if you read my notes for episode 17, you’ll see this entry:

Say. Why didn’t they just petrify and thaw him? Oh — they didn’t have petrify-as-a-service yet.

It didn’t make it to my review, so you’ll have to trust that I’m not blowing smoke (a.k.a. lying!). But I honestly thought that it’d be great if they’d use the Medusa device on Tsukasa. And guess what?

They build the moment beautifully. As the Perseus came back to port, the scene showed Mirai going to check on her older brother. I kid you not: I actually gave out a little cheer. Not enough to scare the cat, though I did earn a scornful glance from her.

Delivery: A Well-Earned Emotional Payoff

Like most of the island’s inhabitants, Mirai saw the ship coming into dock. She was among the party to welcome them back. Minami Hokutozai was the first to notice that many of them had lost their cracks – like they’d been healed or something. Ruri caught the implication, but before she could get out a complete sentence, Chrome laid it out: with their infinite supply of un-petrification fluid, they could petrify anyone, revive them, and they would come out better than before — all healed.

Ruri waxed philosophical. She marveled that science had turned such a terrible device into something that served them. Mirai took a few seconds for the idea to form, but when it did, her eyes went wide with hope.

“Does that mean…” she began, not daring to hope (21:54). “Finally… He’ll finally…”

Senkuu, in his typical crass yet reassuring way, said (22:02), “Yeah. Let’s get him out of cold sleep. The strongest high school primate… Shishio Tsukasa!”

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21: Senkuu is very laid back and matter-of-fact

Senkuu’s attitude – confident, laid back, and very open (most of the time) – is part of the show’s appeal. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Did you see the hope in Mirai’s face? Hear it in her voice? That’s what science can do. I’m walking around with a cadaver bone in my neck because I blew out a disk in my cervical spine. Someone believed in science enough to donate their bones. Science advanced enough that they could keep me from becoming a paraplegic. And that’s freaking routine now. This year, someone else in my family went in for what would have been major surgery a decade ago — an operation that a decade ago would have meant a week stay in the hospital. They were out the next day, with no scar – there wasn’t even an incision.

Human Effort Matters, Especially in Community

That’s what science can do. That’s what science does on a daily basis. If you ever wonder why I am so excited about this show, that’s it. It represents the best of what we can do. It shows what honest people can do if they work together for the common good. It’s the spirit I used to see commonly around me. I don’t see it so much anymore. But I’m not giving up. And shows like Dr. Stone says that there are others who see the potential, too.

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21: Why light a candle when you can light off fireworks?

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the dark? Not when you can light off fireworks instead! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Go quietly into that good night? Uh, no. I say, let’s light the damned night with fireworks. Let’s show the darkness that’s composed of ignorance that it’s not us who should be afraid of it. It should be afraid of us.

Which is just an overly dramatic way of saying, “Hey, facts are cool and we should use them to help each other!”

What did you think of how much the islanders liked François’s food? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Part 2 Episode 21: Favorites

  1. Brief Comments, as your review covered everything in particularly exquisite detail this week …

    – Always love how so many who work on one of their projects get to push a button or talk over a phone (… looking at you, Kirisame.) Makes things feel more inclusive.

    – Cotton Candy! Ramen!!

    – Glasses!

    – Fireworks!!

    – Byakuya!!!!

    This penultimate episode of Season 3 adapts Manga Chapter #140

    Yup, #140

    One Chapter, plus maybe just a bit from the next.

    The subplots involving the physical building of the transmission tower, the food festival and fireworks seem to be Anime-Exclusive material, would never have guessed.

    Already working up notes on the next episode (… which dropped on Thursday), as always looking forward to reading more of your thoughts.

    1. Thanks!

      Those were anime-only scenes? Often, I can tell, because there’s a lack of thematic blending or some mischaracterization. Here, if you had not have pointed it out, I never would have guessed.


      I’m looking forward to reading your next comments as well!

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