Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10: With Science and Might

Quick Summary of Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10

In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10, “Humanity’s Strongest Tag Team,” Tsukasa had just found the statue form of his sister Mirai. Now came the moment of truth. Will the facts fit Senkuu’s theory that the miracle fluid will heal even the brain damage Mirai had endured prior to being turned to stone? Meanwhile, another character harbors ill will and resentment towards Tsukasa. How far is that individual willing to go to get their way? And who are they willing to hurt or kill along the way?

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10: My Turn to Host!

Welcome to our collaboration review of Dr. Stone Season 2, Episode 10! Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime and I have teamed up to give you way more insights than I could possibly give you on my own. I know it’s a low bar, but I work with what I got.

How are things in your part of the world, Irina? You seem to have had a good week of blogging. Defending the Damsel in Distress and On Negativity in the Anime Community and Blogging are both early contenders for the highly coveted (in my own mind) Other Posts to Crow About!

Wow, what an honour. I won’t get my hopes up, it’s still early. Besides, it’s an honour just to be nominated! Still it makes me happy to hear it.

Spring is… springing over here. There’s still snow on the ground and I do believe we’re scheduled to get some more in the coming days, but it’s starting to look like winter might end. And that’s always fun. A chance to wear cute dresses again!

In our review of episode 9, we had an interesting discussion of how the good will that Riichiro Inagaki, Dr. Stone’s writer, had generated. Once generated, it granted Riichiro more latitude with the story. In effect, his investment in building that good will made my suspension of disbelief more elastic, while at the same time, making it even more resilient. It thought about that several times in this episode, especially among the first major point I’d like to talk about and the fourth/last point.

Opening thoughts

Irina, before I dive in, do you have any opening thoughts?

Dr. Stone is a fantasy written for children and there’s certain rules for that. When I say written for children, I mean that it’s accessible to a wide age range, which is not that easy to do. In fact, I would argue that it’s very difficult to create something that can be enjoyed by more than one generation at the time.

Having events happen at opportune moments or playing with the passage of time is sometimes necessary to establish proper dramatic flow and regulate pacing. And it’s ok to prioritize those things over how realistic a story is at times. After all, this isn’t a documentary, it’s fiction. Things are meant to be heightened and convenient. 

Review of Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10

Tsukasa and Mirai

The first of the four points I’d like to talk about starts just after Tsukasa uncovered his little sister Mirai. He gently unearthed her small form and laid her on the ground. Senkuu brought forth his vial of miracle fluid and prepared to pour it on. Worry froze Tsukasa. Kohaku and Gen breathlessly looked on. The art and music came together in this perfect harmony of tension.

Then Taiju screamed for them to wait! Then he drove his fingers into Senkuu’s eyes because he was about to revive a little girl who would be naked when the stone shell fell away!

He gets points for looking out for her modesty. But I’ll give Yuzuriha even more points, because before Senkuu could clear his vision, she’d shipped up a dress for the young lady. Now, we were back to tension. Would the miracle fluid restore her as she was before being turned to stone? Or would it heal her, as it had healed Senkuu’s fractured neck?

Not going to lie. I held my breath as Senkuu poured the fluid over her. She sat up, which was a good sign. Then she told Tsukasa that he’d gotten older. So it worked! I felt relieved right along with the rest of them.

Tsukasa cared deeply for his sister, and it showed. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This scene was also an example of how good will pays off. I have no idea how that fluid works. I have no idea how humans can be turned to stone in the first place. But I didn’t care. The scene still packed an emotional punch.

Fictional Science Has Some Latitude

What did you think, Irina?

Well, the miracle fluid is a bit of a magic mcguffin, but they did explain a couple of times in season 1 that depetrification had a regenerative effect on a cellular level. I’m pretty sure that was the central point of Senku’s reincarnation in that season. So they are simply staying consistent to their own rules, which is good. I think there was a more detailed explanation for that cellular regeneration. Something about the fact that when revived the process of reverting to organic material on a cellular level sort of reboots the DNA therein. Unfortunately I don’t remember the precise explanation.

On a completely dramatic level though, it would have been completely unthinkable to just have a tiny innocent girl revive then instantly die. That’s just not the type of show Dr. Stone is, thankfully.

The next point was quick, but no less poignant. It not only gave me an emotional insight into Kohaku, but it also gave me hope for all of their future. As Tsukasa hugged Mirai,, Kohaku walked away, thinking, “He kept fighting, knowing there was no cure.” His dedication to his sister moved her, and you know you’ve accomplished something amazing if you can impress Kohaku. It reminded Kohaku of when she carried the special water that relieved her sister’s Ruri’s suffering, back in the first season before Senkuu’s medication saved her. 

Kohaku and Tsukasa Have Common Ground

I thought this was a sign of hope, because it means Kohaku now has a sense of commonality with Tsukasa. And just in general, Tsukasa’s dedication to his sister is such a beautiful and human thing that with him in charge of the Kingdom of Might, their peace has a chance.

Tsukasa’s love for his sister Mirai helped Kohaku see her old enemy is a new light. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Irina, did you like that moment?

Yup, it was to further establish Tsukasa’s redemption arc by showing us not only noble intent, but relatability to a main protagonist. 

The third moment took cruel advantage of the warmth generated in the episode so far. Mirai was an absolutely adorable little sister. Her big brother turned into this huge teddy bear now that she was okay. There was warmth and happiness all around. 

Then Hyouga had to go and freeze my guts by saying to Mirai, “You should go wash your face at the river over there.” At the same time, Chrome discovered that several sticks of dynamite had gone missing. When the explosions went off near the miracle cave, Senkuu knew. He dashed off towards the river. He arrived just in time to see Tsukasa take a few steps away from Mirai to investigate the explosions. That’s when Hyouga decided to strike. He drove his spear right at Mirai’s head. 

Hyouga Wants to be King

Just as Hyouga planned, Tsukasa leapt between his sister. The spear pieced clear through his left lung. Attacking Tsukasa had been Kyouga’s plan all along. 

Almost in disgust, Hyouga kicked Tsukasa off the cliff over the waterfall. Senkuu had just arrived and tried to save his one-time enemy. Hyouga just kicked both of them off before diving over himself. Enraged, Kohaku would have gone after them if her father had not have restrained her.

I tell you what: I felt what she was feeling. It happened so fast, and the attack took out both Tsukasa and Senkuu, that it felt like it turned the stone world upside down.

Kohaku would have gone after them right then if her father had not have stopped her. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I mean, I know that Senkuu wouldn’t die. He’s the MC. Still, I worried about what would happen to him. What’d you think, Irina?

I mean, later on I was a bit worried, but not at the waterfall scene. So many characters have fallen down waterfalls in Dr. Stone. It’s one of the more common modes of transportation in the series by now. 

Tsukasa in Real Danger

So this was not the point at which I was worried. I also wasn’t particularly worried about Senku. MC and all that. But Tsukasa on the other hand, he’s a bit more expandable. And they just spent two episodes developing him and giving him a nice little backstory, they even just revived his sister in a miracle. 

That is so many death flags. I wouldn’t be surprised if a show killed him off now just when it was likely to have the most impact on the audience. And I would have been real sad! I know I have been a bit cavalier about his redemption and all but I really like Tsukasa as a character and I think he could bring a lot of balance to the main character group.

The last moment worked in spite of what would be, in another series, a fatal suspension of disbelief. Hyouga wanted Senkuu to make weaponry on demand. He was perfectly willing to torture Senkuu to get it. Senkuu put on a brave face, even talking some smack as he tried to keep pressure on Tsukasa’s wound, but finally Hyouga, saying things like Tsukasa was an idealist and what they really needed was some unnatural selection, came at Senkuu. 

He would have run, futile as that would have been, but Tsukasa tapped him on the foot with his fist. Now Senkuu had to make a decision. Would he trust his old enemy? Could Tsukasa even stand, much less fight? 

Senkuu decided to trust Tsukasa.

That’s Going to Leave a Mark

When you have a hold clean through your thoracic cavity, and when one of your lungs is pierced and probably deflated, generally speaking, you’re not getting up. You’re especially not getting up and fighting. But guess what Tsukasa did under Senkuu’s clever cover of throwing rocks, then throwing rock-covered birds just as his last miracle fluid revived them? Yep — Tsukasa jumped up and commenced to beating on Hyouga. 

Tsukasa was at death’s door, but he could still throw one heck of a punch — as Hyouga found out! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

And it was awesome!

They even had great bro lines, like Tsukasa saying “I betrayed our promise once before. And yet, you kept yours. This time, I won’t let harm come to you ever again. Because from now on, I’ll be fighting!” and Senkuu saying “We’re going to murder him with science and might.”

Despite the medical impossibility, the scene was very satisfying. Hyouga deserved a beat down, and he got it. Senkuu’s impromptu Taser was a nice touch.

Irina, what’d you think of the scene?

Ok, I thought the taser was a bit dumb. I loved seeing Hyouga get his comeuppance but the taser thing just didn’t land for me. I had more fun watching him and Tsukasa duke it out in a decently animated sequence.

Tsukasa and Senkuu’s Low Five

What I absolutely adored was the closing scene of an exhausted Tsukasa and Senku giving each other a low five. I mean it wasn’t very high. 

That was so emotionally cathartic and embodied a lot of what I like about the series. It was silly but strangely touching. Earnest but unpretentious. And very well timed. Great closing scene.

it wasn’t the highest of fives, but it was the best they could do. And boy was it effective! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

According to My Anime List’s entry for this show, this season only has 11 episodes. That’s a shame, because the longer it goes on,the more I like these characters and the more I want to follow their adventures. I look forward to its warmth and science-friendly moments every week. 

Do you have any closing thoughts, Irina?

I’m going to miss this show a lot when it’s over. I might not have a choice but to read the manga. Good thing my Jump subscription is active!

I think I see a new subscription in my future!

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10: With Science and Might

  1. “This is exhilarating.”

    The show – among its many other virtues – excels at giving you what you don’t even know you want.

    The reprise of “Sangenshoku” (… second opening theme) during the final battle between the Senku/Tsukasa tag team and the monstrously fanatical Hyouga was a delight, one of more than a handful of significant callbacks to prior plot points, which together underscored the emotional heft.

    Somehow – amazingly – I’d managed to avoid pretty much every spoiler about Mirai, so I was holding my breath every bit as much as Yuzuriha was during her depetrification.

    Seriously, how is this show able to make the audience care – over and over again – about characters who’ve received such limited screen time? As (… I think?) I’d mentioned on Irena’s blog, Mirai had barely even appeared in cameo up to this point, and yet I already adore her.

    Speaking of Irina, I’d have to (… in a rare instance) disagree about the effectiveness of the climactic “Taser” ploy, totally worked for me, in the by-now-standard “Culmination Of Mankind’s Knowledge” fashion, as a (… perhaps unintentional?) echo of “The Creation Of Adam” by Michelangelo, but mostly ‘cause it was oh, so satisfying to see Hyouga get hit with the Stone World equivalent of 1.21 Gigawatts.

    Funimation has been dragging its heels on wrapping up the “Simuldub,” not sure if it’s been two weeks or three between episodes 9 and 10, but the wait has been excruciating.

    One episode left.

    And I’ve honestly no idea exactly how the season will wrap up.

    1. “Seriously, how is this show able to make the audience care – over and over again – about characters who’ve received such limited screen time?”

      I’ve been asking that question about Fruits Basket, but you make a good point. Dr. Stone gave a lot of its characters even less screen time, but I felt very invested in what happened to them. I should probably study this series as much as Fruits Basket if I want to write better characters!

      “And I’ve honestly no idea exactly how the season will wrap up.”

      I envy you a bit for seeing this now for the first time! I hope you enjoy the ending!

  2. I like the fact that we got to see Tsukasa being as vulnerable and emotional as did. Like at the beginning his image starts out as one of an unfeeling, cold-blooded person, but overtime moments like these, the low-five, really exemplify certain aspects of his character.

    1. “I like the fact that we got to see Tsukasa being as vulnerable and emotional as did. ”

      That was great, wasn’t it?

      I also liked how what we learned about his back story not only prepared us for that moment when he hugged his sister, but it explained his demeanor and why he was so strong and skilled at fighting! All of that came together in a single instant.

      Very cool stuff!

  3. Hyoga’s betrayal and philosophy surprised the H#ll out of me when I first read it in the manga. I like Hyoga, and this honestly made me like him more as a character(not so much as a person).
    As a manga reader; this REALLY gets me hyped up. I won’t spoil you on anything, but just know: It’s time for a “Grand Adventure.”

    1. Thanks for not spoiling!

      I’m really bummed that this season only has 11 episodes. That means the next is the last! I’m not sure how much they can throw at us in one episode, but if it’s anything like what’s come before, I’m excited.

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