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In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 3, “Call from the Dead,” Taiju Ooki and Yuzuriha Ogawa were as overjoyed to talk to Senkuu on the “cell phone” as he was to talk to them. However, they had to be careful: they knew that Tsukasa has assigned Nikki Hanada to guard them, and even now, she listened a few meters away. Can they say anything useful while pretending to lament their friend’s death? After all, the “cell phone” had been buried in his grave. Meanwhile, the plan depended on Gen getting back to camp. But there was a problem: one of Tsukasa’s men, Ukyou Saionji, has them pinned down with arrows. Can Gen think of a way out before Chrome and Magma’s incessant arguing get them all killed?

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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 3: Nikki could destroy the plan before it gets off the ground

Taiju and Yuzuriha both knew Nikki listened to their talk with Senkuu. Is she a clear and present threat? Or a source of hope? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

After Senkuu explained the plan (quietly, so Nikki couldn’t hear), Taiju was all onboard — except that he wanted to confirm one thing (06:35): “That’s the best way to avoid bloodshed, is that right?” Senkuu calmly assured him that it was. Now that the “cell phone” was in place, they just needed to get Tsukasa’s troops close enough to hear it, and then Gen could work his magic.

Except that one of Tsukasa’s archers had Gen, Chrome, and Magma pinned down. Gen couldn’t get back to base! Gen had warned them that this archer had fantastic hearing, but Chrome and Magma didn’t seem to hear him. Maybe because they were arguing so loudly? Then Chrome comes up with a plan, and the only thing it depends on is Magma’s cooperations.

Rather sounds like they’re doomed, doesn’t it?

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