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In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 9, “To Destroy and to Save,” Kohaku, Ginrou, Kinrou, Magma, and others from the Kingdom of Science fought valiantly against Tsukasa and Hyoga. But from the very start, it was clear just how wildly the two from the Kingdom of Might outclassed our heroes. Can they hold off long enough for Senkuu, Gen, and Chrome to pull a science trick out of their hats? Speaking of science tricks, Gen was less than encouraged when Senkuu admitted he had nothing. Even Chrome seemed to have deserted them. In the dwindling time remaining to them, what can they do to win this war?

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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 9: Senkuu and Gen just remembereD: Sometimes, a plan needs more time to come together.

The scientific method is the best tool we have for making stuff happen. But, sometimes, it just isn’t quite fast enough. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Kohaku plunged forward, her fellow warrior behind her, to block Tsukasa and Hyoga’s access to the gave. But both of those men were almost supernaturally powerful. Hyoga’s spear techniques could keep dozens of enemies at bay, and no force seemed capable of standing against Tsukasa — of standing after he was done with them at all!

Time’s running out for Senkuu and Gen. They were down to trying to use poop as a raw ingredient to make white gunpowder. When that failed, even Senkuu was stumped.

Is this where the Kingdom of Science falls? Have all of their preparations been for nothing? And just where the heck did Chrome run off to?

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