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Dr. Stone 2 Episode 1 – Starting With A Bang

This is my attempt at Kohaku. You’ll see, at some point in Dr. Stone 2 she’ll look exactly like this…

Admittedly, I am an anime enthusiast. I just like it. So it’s not that surprising that I’m all excited about all these season premieres but honestly, with one exception, everything I’ve watched so far this season has been great. And I am hearing some fantastic stuff about shows I’m planning to watch later on as well. It’s super early, but this is shaping up to be a great season. Well, at least for me…

What about you Crow? Are you having a good time with anime this winter?

It’s boring if I just say “same!”, isn’t it? Yeah, this is a great season. There’s a tremendous variety this season. Maybe it’s just in comparison to the previous season or two, but this season just seems so rich and vibrant.

Oh. I’m in bold. Really, you should take bold. It suits you better!

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Episode 2: HOT LINE

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 2 – Taking The High Road

In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 2, “HOT LINE,” Senkuu’s plan to distract and flush out Homura worked well — too well. Senkuu’s goal was to keep her distracted while ChromeGen, and Magma hauled the “cell phone” to a spot near Tsukasa’s lair. When Senkuu’s explosions brought her out of hiding, Kohaku sped off to intercept. Unfortunately, Senkuu got in the way, and when everyone in the village tried to help corral her, she noticed something. She noticed who was missing. Showing that Senkuu wasn’t the only one using his brain, she deduced that the three were carrying something technological to Tsukasa’s lair! Can Chrome, Gen, and Magma keep ahead of her? Does Senkuu have anything else in his bag of tricks? Or did circumstance already doom the mission failure?

Welcome to our collaboration review of Dr. Stone Season 2, Episode 2. Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime and I have teamed up to give you play by play and color commentary on the latest episode.

Before we dive in, any opening thoughts, Irina?

I really like Dr. Stone. At the end of every episode I sort of remake that assertion with some degree of surprise. I can’t quite put my finger on why but this series just works for me, but I enjoy it to bits. I want to say that if this has aired like 30 years ago, it would be considered a classic but then again, I’m not sure it could have been made 30 years ago. 

Basically, I’m saying it’s a great show that gets very few complaints from me!

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Episode 3: Call from the Dead

Dr. Stone 2 Episode 3 – Smokescreen

I almost named this post “Conversations with Dead People”. I think that Buffy episode influenced me too much. I’ve already named two separate episode reviews for different shows that exact title, and we’ve discussed the Buffy episode together in the past as well. But it just fits so well for so many things. Also, I may be watching slightly grim shows…

What’s your favourite Buffy episode title, Crow? Now, this is a new way to start an episode post!

I like it! Well, there’s Once More With Feeling for the best combination of drama and comedy. Great soundtrack, too. My other favorite might be Seeing Red. “Willow, your shirt…” I don’t know how many years ago it was I saw that show, but remembering that scene, even now, makes me pause. 

I’m bold (well, font-wise). There will be spoilers. And probably tears. Yeah, it’s another one of those episodes. 

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Episode 4: Full Assault

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4 – Steam Powered

In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4, “Full Assault,” Ukyou Saionji continued to stalk Chrome and Magma. Unfortunately, Ukyou not only has exceptional hearing. He’s also ex-US military, so he knows how to stalk. Meanwhile, with Homura now safely under lock and key and enjoying freeze-dried ramen, Senkuu and Gen turn their attention to preparing for the assault. Nikki had whole-heartedly thrown her support to Senkuu in the previous episode, and as a Lillian super-fan, she offered — strongly — to refine their plan. But even if Gen can perfectly mimic Lillian’s singing, Nikki warned them of a major obstacle: Ukyou’s exception hearing again. Can Gen and Senkuu find a way to fool someone with perfect hearing, without having the singer there with them? 

Welcome to our collaboration review of Dr. Stone Season 2, Episode 4. Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime and I have teamed up to give you play by play and color commentary on the latest episode. 

Before we get starting, do you have any opening thoughts, Irina?

I really sound like a broken record when it comes to Dr. Stone. I repeat myself a lot but particularly with this show. I can’t help it, every time I finish an episode I think to myself, man, I really like Dr. Stone.

You would think this would be old by now. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a shonen jump adaptation or maybe because it had some rocky episodes early one and so many fans wrote it off, or maybe still because it is clearly an all audience anime with younger viewers in mind, but it feels like I shouldn’t like it as much I do or like there should be a caveat or something. But there isn’t. I genuinely enjoy the series and have very few criticisms of it, all of which are fairly inconsequential.

And you said all that without knowing what I’d ask you at the very end! 

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Dr. Stone 2 Episode 5 – Paper Tank

So usually I have a really tough time finding a title for these review posts. I either default to themed titles or just find one line in the episode to use. That’s actually my preference but it rarely works out. When there is such a significant moment in the episode, most of the time it’s the official title. But once in a while, if I’m lucky, I get multiple choices! This was a lucky week.

Tell me, Crow, how are you liking the second season of Dr. Stone so far? 

Yes, quite a lot. All of Senkuu’s science-y goodness remains intact, and the characters are as warm and vibrant as ever! The show’s humor hits me just right, too, like when Gen test-drove the Steam Gorilla.

Paper Tank is a cool title I think. It’s sort of a synonym of the actual title but it reminds me of paper tiger! That wouldn’t bode well for our heroes. Oh there will be spoilers, I suppose. But it was a really fun episode, as most of the Dr. Stone episodes have been, so just go ahead and watch it for fun. We’ll wait. And I’ll be in plain text!

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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 6 – Primitive-Kun And The Bad Cop

In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 6, “PRISON BREAK,” Chrome, having seen the traps that You Uei laid in anticipation of Senkuu’s assault, was bound and determined to break out and warn his friends about the trap. Fortunately, Chrome was able to convince his guards to talk him on a short restroom break, the indoor facilities being nonexistent. Unfortunately, he was only able to hide various weeds, some sticks, and a four-leaf clover in his pants on the way back. Can Chrome the science user make something happen with that meager inventory? Or is he doomed to watch the Steam Gorilla crash into You’s traps?

Welcome to our collaboration review of Dr. Stone Season 2, Episode 6. Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime and I have teamed up to give you play by play and color commentary on the latest episode. 

Before we get starting, do you have any opening thoughts, Irina?

Dr. Stone is clearly aimed at kids. As I say each week, I really like this series and I think adults can enjoy it just fine, but you do see the archetypes and structures which are meant for a younger audience, or maybe an all age audience. So I keep thinking that if I had seen Dr. Stone when I was little, it would probably have remained one of my all time favourites. Seeped in nostalgia and full of warm memories. 

I do think it has the makings of a classic shonen but it just doesn’t have the history. Ironic for a show like Dr. Stone…

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Episode 7: Secret Mission

Dr. Stone 2 Episode 7 – The Puzzle of Ukyo

I’m actually a little bummed that we’re at the final battle already. There are still 4 episodes left to go so it’s not that bad, but this season of Dr. Stone really flew by. I’m seriously thinking of just buying the manga. I should actually just read the digital version. I already subscribe to Shonen jump so I have access to it, but I just like physical manga so much. The feel of the paper. Man, I am opting for something super wasteful just for some random whim. It’s because of people like me that Tsukasa can’t just revive everyone.

I usually don’t go on tangents right from the first word. Not sure if this is progress. We are back with episode 7 of the second season of Dr. Sone. Crow and I will probably be spoiling some stuff so bear that in mind. Before we get to that though. How are you Crow?

I am well. Thanks for asking. I had a pang of melancholy when they announced the final battle, too. It’s been a good season so far. It built on the foundation of the first season, and I’ll miss it.

I might look into subscribing to Shonen Jump. It looks like it’s very economical. Then I look at the amount of writing I want to get done and that thing called work, and I don’t know where I’d get the time. 

But there’s so much just waiting to be read! Well, better get back to Dr. Stone.

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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8 – Their Faith In Each Other

In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8, “FINAL BATTLE,” after confirming through Ukyou that Tsukasa was far away, SenkuuTaiju, and Gen pilot their gorilla tank straight for the Miracle Cave. KohakuKinrou, and the others from the Kingdom of Science fan along side them. Senkuu knew they had 20 seconds from the time he fired the main cannon until Tsukasa’s troops regrouped, and they needed to make the most of every second. They couldn’t know that Minami Hokutouzai saw the battle start and ran off to inform Tsukasa and reinforcements. Will Senkuu be able to seize — and hold — the Miracle Cave? Or will Tsukasa perform a repeat of the last time he and Senkuu met?

Welcome to our collaboration review of Dr. Stone Season 2, Episode 8. Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime and I have teamed up to give you play by play and color commentary on the latest episode. 

Before we get starting, do you have any opening thoughts, Irina?

A little part of my heart squeezed when I saw that episode title. Final Battle. Sounds like the season is just about over, doesn’t it? And that makes me sad.

I think I’m pretty much sold on just catching up with the manga as soon as the season is over. Then again, I do have a lot of manga I want to read, so if they announce a 3rd season soon, I might be able to hold out a bit longer. Not sure.

Also, we are tweaking a bit the formats of these reviewposts to try to find the best flow. So guys, please tell us in the comments what you prefer and what you would like to see out of these reviews. That would be really appreciated! 

I’m in plain text; Irina’s bold; and there will be spoilers. In fact, the next paragraph contains one!

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Episode 9: To Destroy and to Save

Dr. Stone 2 Episode 9 – Dynamite!

We are now at  Dr. Stone Season 2 episode 9: To Destroy and to Save and it seems we have our resolution to this arc. Do you like what I did there? I put the name of the series, the episode number and even the official episode name right in my first sentence! The little SEO checker in WordPress has been bugging me to do that for ages but it just always looks kind of stiff to me. And a bit like an advertisement. But what do you guys think? If you like it, I can keep it up.

Oh good, we started off with a tangent. Now that looks more like one of my posts. Thankfully we got Crow here to keep me on track. He’s going to be in bold and we are going to spoil the heck out of this episode. It was a super fun episode so if you haven’t seen it, you should go do that right now. We’ll make small talk as we wait. 
How’s it going, Crow? Job, family, all good? Spring is around the corner, any plans?

Well, my daughter just had her first child, which is my first grandchild. I’m a grandpa! Which is really weird… But mom, baby, and dad are doing well, and that’s wonderful!

Other than that, it’s nice to have the windows open to let in some fresh air. Without snow coming in, too, which is just not comfortable. I hope things are going well for you, too!

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Episode 10: Humanity’s Strongest Tag Team

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10: With Science And Might

In Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10, “Humanity’s Strongest Tag Team,” Tsukasa had just found the statue form of his sister Mirai. Now came the moment of truth. Will the facts fit Senkuu’s theory that the miracle fluid will heal even the brain damage Mirai had endured prior to being turned to stone? Meanwhile, another character harbors ill will and resentment towards Tsukasa. How far is that individual willing to go to get their way? And who are they willing to hurt or kill along the way?

Welcome to our collaboration review of Dr. Stone Season 2, Episode 10! Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime and I have teamed up to give you way more insights than I could possibly give you on my own. I know it’s a low bar, but I work with what I got.

How are things in your part of the world, Irina? You seem to have had a good week of blogging. Defending the Damsel in Distress and On Negativity in the Anime Community and Blogging are both early contenders for the highly coveted (in my own mind) Other Posts to Crow About!

Wow, what an honour. I won’t get my hopes up, it’s still early. Besides, it’s an honour just to be nominated! Still it makes me happy to hear it.

Spring is… springing over here. There’s still snow on the ground and I do believe we’re scheduled to get some more in the coming days, but it’s starting to look like winter might end. And that’s always fun. A chance to wear cute dresses again!

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Dr. Stone 2 Episode 11 – All Hands on Deck

Dr. Stone Season 2 is now over and let me just cut to the chase, Season 3 has been announced and I’m already a little impatient for it. Also, it’s apparently going to be One Piece… I enjoyed this season of Dr. Stone and I enjoyed the first season as well. I think it’s safe to say, I am a bonafide fan of this show!

I gotta say, if Dr. Stone is an example of what the new generation of otakus have to look forward to in their big shonen series, then I think anime is doing just fine. 

Should I troll you all and give a super negative review for this last episode? Let me think about it. First, let’s catch up with Crow. He’s in bold font this week and he’s going to help me totally spoil the season finale of Dr. Stone!

I’d love to see you try to give a super negative review of this episode! It would be hilarious! 

Is it cliche to say I’m excited to be a fan of this show? Of every series I can think of, this is the one that best represents what I’d like to be my view of the world. It shows how warm, uplifting, and human science can be. It’s a human construct, after all. I come away from every episode feeling better about our chances as a race. 

That’s some heavy lifting for an anime series!

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