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Evolution’s Hand Book 3: Primary Target — My Third Novel Is Almost Here!

I have exciting news that I thought might be interesting to you (even though it’s not amine). My third novel, Evolution’s Hand Book 3: Primary Target, is almost here! In fact, I have proof. Here’s the cover!

I really like the work Jesh Art Studio did. They’re the ones who have done the covers for all three novels!

This edition follows Melchizedek Conrad, Matsushita Sachi, and others as they try to hold back Terran Consolidated Products, the apex predator of Corporations:

Eager to save the world, one man is about to discover there are forces unwilling to lose control — and they will stop at nothing to silence him.

Dek Conrad knew he could do it. Knew he could solve so many of the world’s problems. But then news of his company’s discovery of instantaneous space travel attracts the attention of the world’s largest, most powerful corporation. Now, Dek finds his back to the wall.

Terran Consolidated Products all but runs the world. Their influence and power grinds competition down. It was through sheer luck Dek’s company survived their last encounter. Then, they hadn’t been the primary target! Now, they are. He knows TCP is ruthless and will stop at nothing to strip him of his ideas.
It is a race to save his company and his people. One Dek might not be able to win. If TCP reaches the finish line first, it will crush Dek out of existence. To stop TCP from gaining untold wealth, further tightening its grip, Dek Conrad and his stalwart team find themselves in the fight of their lives.

I hope to publish it in May, 2023.

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I’ll let you know when Primary Target is available to order.

I hope you’ll enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Happy reading!

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