Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19: Danrou dotes over Maki
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Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19 Review – Best In Show

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Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19 Review – Quick Summary

In Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19, “The Oze Family,” Maki Oze visited home to have dinner with family — her father, General Danrou Oze, her mother Madoka Oze, and her brother, Lieutenant Takigi Oze. The dinner was cordial, with Madoka strongly enforcing general rules of etiquette. However, there was an undercurrent of disapproval. Danrou didn’t want Maki in Fire Force, because of their conflict with the dangerous White Clads. Things took a turn for the worse later when Takigi encountered a White Clad during an investigation. The devastating violence that meeting triggered forced Danrou’s hand. Will Maki actually have to leave Special Fire Force Company 8? Can they get along without her strength? Almost as importantly: Will the Oze family survive another breach of etiquette with Madoka on the case?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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Favorite Quote from Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19

Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19: Maki's mom Madoka is fierce

Madoka had had enough. Even Danrou, huge hulking general that he was, snapped to at her orders! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I hope we get to see more of Madoka. She’s awesome. The show went to get lengths to show us how imposing Danrou is. Even his soldiers dread having to give reports! But even the general falls into line when Madoka speaks.

Throughout dinner, Madoka had tried to remind the increasingly rowdy family that they should mind their manners. For example, when Takigi’s girlfriend called him, he launched into the fairly nauseating baby talk, and Madoka tried to gently tell him, “It’s bad manners to get so giddy while eating” (05:43).

However, he didn’t stop, and Maki and Danrou kept talking loudly. Madoka snapped. Slamming one bare foot on the table, holding her fork as if she could easily throw it and embed it in any of their foreheads, she said (06:03), “Hey, you jerks! Have some manners when you’re eating!”

She sounded just like an angry Saki from Zombieland Saga!

Best in Show Moment for Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19

Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19: Maki doesn't like being treated as a princess

This episode forced Maki to reevaluate how she saw herself. She might not see it that way yet… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Conflicting, Yet Honest, Motives

From an action standpoint, not a lot happened in this episode, at least when measured against some of the recent episodes. Dramatically, though, there was a lot going on. That felt appropriate for an episode that was setting up the next arc.

When we first met Danrou, I really thought he’d be a dominating father. I mean, in almost every closeup of his eyes, the frame couldn’t even contain his eyebrows! But when it came to his daughter, he was doting. He adored her, and he wanted her to be safe. That last part caused a lot of conflict in this episode as the danger the White Clads represented became more clear. It wasn’t that Danrou didn’t think Maki could handle it. That was irrelevant. He didn’t want her in danger.

Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19: Takigi realizes how dangerous the White Clad are

Takigi now understands the threat the White Chad represents. He doesn’t want his sister anywhere near them. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Her brother Takigi seemed to be in a similar position. He loved his sister. He seemed supportive or at least non-committal about her position in Special Fire Force Company 8. But after his own encounter with the White Clads, he wanted her back in the military, where she’d be safe.

When it comes to Takehisa Hinawa… There was discussion in the Reddit thread (see Other Anime Sites, below) that suggested the manga had a better explanation of Takehisa’s motivation than the anime did. Based on just what I saw in the anime, it looked like Hinawa and Akitaru Oubi had discussed it and had come to a difficult decision. They both know Maki’s combat capabilities. She had held her own against a White Clad in the Nether and at the Haijima facilities, after all. Maybe they needed to maintain good relations with the military. Or maybe they had great sympathy for her father’s love. Whatever the reason, one thing was clear to me: It wasn’t a decision that brought them joy.

Delivery: Maki Questions Herself

Maki Doesn’t Give Herself Enough Credit

And speaking of not bringing joy…

Seeing Maki’s mom and dad, we can see where she gets her strength, her tenacity, and her slow-burn fuse. Maki, of course, is more than just the fusion of some of her parents’ traits. She’s her own woman, and the series has prepared us for my favorite moment since the early episodes.

I say favorite in this case because of the drama and dramatic potential, not because I like seeing Maki in this state. Just wanted to put that out there!

Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19: Maki can be very cheerful

This is how I like to see Maki! Unfortunately, happy isn’t the best ingredient for powerful drama. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Maki thinks that she should see herself as being dainty, at least in thought, so she can attract a man. She thinks this as she trains alongside such power-houses as Oubi, Hinawa, and even Shinra and Arthur. Even in this episode, she said (05:34), “Someday, a prince on a white horse will come along and fall in love with me.”

And remember her new secretary friend who said that their boring, safe secretarial jobs were (17:55) “peak princess’s privilege?” Based on Maki’s own daydreams and her new friend’s insights, shouldn’t Maki be ecstatic in her new role?

But She Might in the Future!

But there’s another side to Maki that she doesn’t seem to acknowledge. It’s the side of Maki that pushed her to exercise so much that when she caught sight of herself in the mirror, she had to wonder when she’d gotten that “beefy.” It’s the side of Maki that stood toe to toe with White Clads in the Nether and came away victorious.

It’s the same side of Maki that made her utter the first sarcastic words I’ve heard her utter ever, to her father, no less: “Gotta keep your bird in her cage” (19:18).

Fire Force Season 2 Ep 19: Danrou is a good father

Danrou’s a good father. He knows Maki is furious with him. He’s willing to accept it, because bottom line: if she’s alive to be angry, he wins. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

It’s the same side of Maki who was utterly miserable sitting at a desk while Special Fire Force Company 8 prepared for their next mission.

This episode set the scene for two seriously cool things in the coming episodes: First, it sets things up so Maki can return to the 8th in the nick of time! Second, and probably even more interesting, it sets the stage for Maki to develop as a character — to more openly embrace the strength that’s as much part of her personality as her tenacity and patience. So this episode not only gave me a dramatically satisfying favorite moment. It set the stage for even better moments in the future!

What did you think of Arthur’s devotion to Sil-Burro? What was your Best in Show Moment? Let me know in the comments!

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