Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7: Scop and Beauty hoped Fire Force would help them reclaim Oasis.
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Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7 Review – Best In Show

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Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7 Review – Quick Summary

In Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7, “Road to the Oasis,” Arthur, Shinra, Tamaki Kotatsu, Victor Licht, Ogun Montgomery, Takeru Noto, and Lieutenant Pan are about to drive out of the port to head for their mission objective when Noto makes a disheartening discovery: Something destroyed one of his parents’ potato fields. His parents insisted he continue his mission, which he did. A talking mole (with a flaming tail) surprised Noto and the others. That moles had two distinguishing characteristics. First, potatoes filled the mole’s back pack. Second, he could speak fluent Japanese! If they encountered something this strange not even a day into their mission, what awaited them at their destination? Why did the mole (who was named Scop) say their destination was named Oasis? And was the force that drove Scop’s people out of Oasis still there — waiting for Shinra and friends?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7

“You’re a human, and you can fly?” the crow asked (17:01). It makes sense that Shinra flying would surprise a talking crow named Beauty. And how cool is it that Fire Force included a talking crow? That made me happy.

Best in Show Moment for Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7

Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7: The little fires were all Infernals. That shocked Shinra and Ogun.

The scene’s tragedy overwhelmed Shinra. Ogun retained the presence of mind to suggest they ask Tamaki to say a prayer for the Infernals. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: The Scenery is Beautiful…

I’ve been playing a lot of Dying Light lately. Even though the game’s main selling points are its hordes of different kinds of zombies and its parkour movement system, there’s another part of the game that appeals to me. It has beautiful scenery. There are times when I stay out at night, even though it’s wildly dangerous (the night-dwelling Volatiles are very, very lethal), just to see the sunset and sunrise. They’re beautiful.

Fire Force gave me a moment just like that. And then they upped the ante.

Shinra, Ogun, and the rest had been traveling by truck all day. They stopped on the top of a hill to make camp. The absolute dark without street lamps made Shinra and Ogun marvel. The stars shone more brightly than they had ever seen them before. Even as the stars shone brighter, they saw that there were hundreds, then thousands, of little lights on the ground.

Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7: The little stars were beautiful. But they weren't stars.

The scene was beautiful. What they learned afterward didn’t change that. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

“Awesome,” Ogun said in a hushed voice (14:30). “This is so pretty. Like stars scattered on the ground.”

They weren’t stars.

Delivery: And Deadly

As Shinra peered closer, he could make out little human forms. Each of the little “stars” was actually an Infernal!

Shinra and Ogun didn’t want to believe their eyes, but Beauty confirmed it. Those Infernals had been wandering the wasteland since the Great Cataclysm over 250 years ago. Shinra had known Infernals didn’t die until they were put to rest, but he’d never made the connection.

There was no Fire Force in China. There was no one to put the Infernals to rest.

Shinra was all for trying, but Beauty pointed out the landscape was unstable. Even if they had the courage and strength to try, the ground would like swallow them.

Shinra came to a horrifying realization. “And it’s not just those people, either,” he said (15:57). “There are other Infernals still burning throughout the world.” Shinra used this experience to recommit to his goal of finding “the truth about the Great Cataclysm and Adolla Bursts.”

Fire Force Season 2 Ep 7: The horror of all those Infernals deepened Shinra's resolve.

The scene shocked Shinra, but it also hardened his resolve. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Though he and Ogun both wanted to do something to help, in the end, Ogun’s best idea was to ask Tamaki to say a prayer for the Infernals. That added melancholy to a scene that started in beauty and ended in a quiet, long horror. This is the kind of moment I long for as I watch anime. In this case, it was almost as if I shared the sobering moment with Shinra and Ogun. The scene was so well constructed that I felt like I was a part of it. I have lots of memories of beauty surrounded by zombies in Dying Light, and Fire Force just game me a similar memory.

What did you think of mama Noto? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I’m trying to find a screenshot of the talking crow on Shinra’s head with out the subtitles the scene was so pretty

  2. “And how cool is it that Fire Force included a talking crow? That made me happy.”


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