Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 12: Shiraki was not excited to see Shigure.
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Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 12 Best In Show Review

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Quick Summary of Fruits Basket Season 2 Ep 12

In Fruits Basket Season 2 episode 12, “You Cried for Me,” we’re reminded that Mayuko Shiraki wasn’t only the teacher who used a book to smack Kyou Souma in the head back in season 1 episode 10. She was also the best friend of the woman whose memory Hatori Souma had to erase because of Souma family machinations. Centered, of course, on Akito Souma. Shiraki had been in love with Hatori, though she’d hidden it from her friend. Now, it seemed like Shigure Souma felt nostalgic for those old time, and he went to visit Shiraki in her father’s old book store. What’s his goal? Does he really just want to talk to an old friend? Or does he have something else in mind — like he always does?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best in Show Moment for Fruits Basket Season 2 Ep 12

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 12: Shiraki completely lost control.

Shiraki completely lost control. Not surprising after what she’s been through, and it’s clear she is not used to this sort of thing. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Shiraki Built Her Cocoon

Conveying authentic emotion in fiction isn’t easy. Using techniques I still can’t understand, Fruits Basket Season 2 makes it look simple. All the time. This episode really pulled it off, and the moment dealt with Shiraki, a side character! By the end of this episode, I felt more sympathy for her than I feel for most Main Characters in other series!

Shiraki’s best friend Kana had been in love with Hatori. So had Shiraki! She kept it hidden from her friend, though she couldn’t keep it hidden from Shigure, who’s most shrewd of the Shoumas. If you remember back to season 1 episode 7, Akito became so enraged over Hatori and Kana’s relationship that Akito lashed out and ruined Hatori’s left eye. Kana was so grief-stricken that her health failed, so Hatori had to erase her memory.

Shiraki tried to console her friend, who gradually healed. Kana even suggested that Hatori might be perfect for Shiraki (09:15). Shiraki, though, felt a sense of loyalty to her friend. Or maybe she still felt guilty for falling in love with Hatori while he had been dating Kana. Or maybe Shiraki just didn’t understand her own heart. Whatever the cause, Shiraki couldn’t stand the thought of dating Hatori.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 12: Kana thought Shiraki and Hatori would be perfect together.

Kana thought it would be a great idea for Shiraki to date Hatori. Shiraki was too conflicted to even think about agreeing. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Back to the present. Enter Shigure. He happened to mention that Hatori was dating someone (he wasn’t). He ordered a book to be delivered where Shiraki was working, but the book wasn’t for him. It was for Hatori. Who “happened” to show up a day early to claim it.

Shiraki did a good job saying cool. She even joked that his suit looked so stifling in the summer heat that it made her sweat on his behalf. He eventually left, saying he’d come back tomorrow for the book.

Delivery: Shigure Set Shiraki Up Perfectly — For Her Own Good!

Seeing Hatori set off a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings in Shiraki. She tried (unsuccessfully) to sort through them until the next day when Hatori came in for the book. They took a little walk.

Shiraki tried hard to keep the conversation light. Even still, memories of how Hatori and Kana had smiled together continued to trouble her conscience. Off-handedly, she asked why he wasn’t wearing a suit today. His response showed just how considerate a soul he is.

“I tried to wear something that wouldn’t make you sweat when you saw me,” he said (16:29). She actually laughed. She has a pretty laugh.

His demeanor worried her, so she asked if he was feeling okay — and not just physically. She thought he should be more cheerful, thinking that he had a new girlfriend. So of course he should be happy!

“Happiness isn’t for me,” he said simply, looking at his new book (17:25).

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 12: Hatori expected misery as a Shouma.

For Hatori, it was an off-hand comment. He’s a Shouma and one of the older members of the Zodiac. Of course he’s used to the idea that Akito will unite the family in misery. But to Shiraki, it almost sounded like a repudiation of her world view. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This strong woman, a teacher who had easily stood up to rambunctious teenagers in school, snapped.

“I don’t get it,” she said. She demanded he look at the beautiful sky and river and at all the smiling people all around them. “It can’t be true that you can’t be happy!” He tried to comfort her, but it didn’t work. It was like her world view imploded. Overwhelmed, she screamed in inarticulate agony. Her tears flowed. She couldn’t stop them. Hatori, a doctor, was at a complete loss.

That moment was so perfect not because she lost control. It’s perfect because of everything that built up to that moment. Tohru crying isn’t going to be a Best in Show moment. She cries often, and it’s endearing or engaging each time. But Shiraki? She doesn’t cry. She’s always in complete control. Seeing what it took to shake that control made the moment so interesting.

Behind it all was Shigure’s machinations. But in this case, he had acted to help both Shiraki and Hatori. I wonder what his long-term plan is? He always has one…

What did you think of Shiraki actually dating Shigure in her past? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 12 Best In Show Review

  1. Just how much does Mayuko know, I wonder?

    At first I thought they’re really piling up the co-incidences here (reduced universe syndrom, I call it, when all the characters in the show develop relationships only amongst each other, or where every setting innovation is plot-relevant). Then it hit me: Since the Soumas aren’t exactly outgoing, so it would make sense that they’d gather all their kids in one class, and possibly even under a teacher who is loosely affiliated. Mayuko and Kana being friends and overlapping with the Soumas suddenly makes some vague sort of sense, world-building wise. I’m not entirely convinced, but it’s possible.

    1. “Mayuko and Kana being friends and overlapping with the Soumas suddenly makes some vague sort of sense, world-building wise. I’m not entirely convinced, but it’s possible.”

      I like that idea. I’d unconsciously just assumed the narrative would not have followed Mayuko if she weren’t important, but that’s not elegant. I like your explanation better.

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