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Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 13 Best In Show Review

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Quick Summary of Fruits Basket Season 2 Ep 13

In Fruits Basket Season 2 episode 13, “Sure Thing,” a new school year was starting, and Yuki Shouma tried to assume his new role as student council president. However, he had a steep hill to climb. Between the disrespectful hijinks of Kakeru Manabe, the Hiro Shouma-rivaling temper of Naohito Sakuragi, and the antics of the high-spirited and wily Kimi Toudou, it was not at all clear how Yuki could get them all moving in the same direction. Things got even worse when Yuki learned that Kakeru is practically his polar opposite. Can they learn to work together? Or is it going to be a very, very long year for Yuki’s presidency?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best in Show Moment for Fruits Basket Season 2 Ep 13

An unexpected moment of honesty can have profoundly positive results. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Yuki and Kakeru on a Collision Course

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the student council portrayed with more drama, humor, and interest than I did in this episode. Well, unless the portrayal went to absurd levels like in High School DxD. Dang, now I’m thinking about Souna Sitri

The whole first part of the episode drove home the point that Kakeru’s personality was the opposite of Yuki’s. Kakeru always said whatever came to mind, and whatever came to mind was usually nonsensical. He wanted to assign colors to the student council members. Sleeping on the fertilizer seemed like a good idea (I’m hoping it was the potash fertilizer and not the cow-based variety). He showed almost no interest in his vice presidency and even chided Yuki for being responsible.

From Yuki’s perspective, the insult to injury came in the form of Kakeru’s charisma. He got along with his fellow students easily. He was outgoing and others responded to that. Yuki viewed himself as painfully introverted. Interestingly, Yuki didn’t seem to notice the impact he had one young women like Motoko Minagawa and the rest of his fan club.

Yuki could rip apart every decision and even every gesture he’d ever made. But he seemed completely blind to the adoration of people like Motoko. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

At the end of last season, Kakeru and Yuki shared a tense moment that almost got violent. It was different in this episode.

Fruits Basket has always been good about building sympathy and understanding of a character. I went into this episode really not liking Yuki. I didn’t care for how he talked to Tohru on the beach.

Delivery: Yuki and Kakeru Collide

As Yuki carried a tray of seedlings for the flower club, Kakeru started asking questions about Kyou Shouma’s relationship to Tohru and how Kyou looked happier than Yuki. The observation struck Yuki’s insecurities right in the heart.

“So, I look unhappy?” Yuki said, stopping (17:54). In his apparently imperious way, Yuki lectured Kakeru about how inappropriate it was to compare people’s feelings like that. Kakeru responded by kicking the tray of plants out of Yuki’s hands. From Kakeru’s perspective, Yuki appeared aloof and arrogant, and Kakeru had had enough. The two ended up grabbing each other’s shirts. For an instant, it looked like they’d come to blows.

The mood changed. Yuki deflated. His fist shaking as it grasped Kakeru’s shirt, he recalled how envious he was of Kakeru’s easy charisma. He remembered how he thought that everything was his own fault. In a couple of seconds, Yuki went from belligerent to almost crying. He apologized and began to pick up the flowers. That would have been enough to make this the Best in Show moment. But then Kakeru said something amazing.

Yuki’s self-loathing dead-shorted the confrontation. But it wasn’t just a one way short. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

“Hey,” Kakeru said (19:55). “Where should I look from so that I can see the same things as you?”

That moment of candid emotion bonded the two of them. What Kakeru went on to say was emotionally powerful, but their moment of mutual understanding is what struck me. It was so powerful and so unusual to Yuki that it almost left him in tears. Tohru might be the major source of healing for the Shoumas, but in this episode, Yuki gaining a bro did a lot to mend his emotional wounds. And it happened naturally and just flowed from the narrative.

I swear, someday I’ll understand how this show does that!

What did you think of Kimi’s assault on Yuki’s fan club? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 13 Best In Show Review

  1. That was a really great scene, wasn’t it?

    On the whole, this was one of my least favourite episodes this season, though. Not that that says much, though, in a season that had exceptional episode after exceptional episode.

    Finally, seeing Arisa and Saki in the beginning of the episode made me realise how much I missed them. They’re such an integral part of the show.

    1. “Finally, seeing Arisa and Saki in the beginning of the episode made me realise how much I missed them.”

      Everything about that scene was great! Arisa’s powerful finger flick reminded me of Yuri’s from Tower of God. Not quite as much raw power, maybe, but everything bit of the attitude!

  2. “I feel like she’s going to be one to watch as she undoubtedly has a darker side to her.”

    I think I want to see her meet Rin.

    I’d want to watch from a safe distance, of course.

  3. I loved the way Kimi tormented Yuki’s fan club in her nonchalant manner. She’s nailed the fake airhead persona. I feel like she’s going to be one to watch as she undoubtedly has a darker side to her.

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