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Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 4 Review – The Heart of Darkness

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Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 4 Review – Quick Summary

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 4, “I’m… Home.,” Hiro Souma worked up his courage to apologize to Kisa Souma. Hiro felt responsible for provoking Akito Souma (in the past) to strike Kisa, an utterly innocent and decent human being. Before he could apologize, though, he literally ran into Hatsuharu Souma — which seems to happen a lot when Hiro tries to talk to Kisa. This time, though, Hiro had matured to the point he didn’t lose his temper. On the other hand, he could no longer hold in a truth that had plagued him: He not only needed to apologize to Kisa for what had happened to her. Hiro also apologized for his role in Akito pushing Isuzu Souma out of a second floor window. Terrified that Haru would be furious with him, he didn’t know how to react when Haru simply patted him on the head. What will Haru do with this information? Or maybe a better question is, does Haru have a good lawyer? Because there was nothing peaceful about the look on his face as he sought out Akito.

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 4

Fruits Basket - The Final Episode 4: Rin's strength was almost her downfall

Rin could not withstand Tohru’s tears. This marks her as a wonderful human being. But it makes her vulnerable to certain modes of attack, as we saw in this episode. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Unfortunately, Saki Hanajima did not appear in this episode. That means her streak of being involved in my favorite quote ends at 3. But the season’s not over. I have faith in her! She’ll bounce back.

In the meantime, this series has no shortage of great quotes. This episode is no exception. Do you remember back in my review of episode 1 of this season? In the caption of a picture of Rin, I noted that “You can just see she’s not going to let that stand — even if she hasn’t figured out what to do yet.” Well, she figured it out. And in doing so, she gave us my favorite quote of the episode. And put her smack-dab in harm’s way.

Remembering that moment, remembering how Kureno Souma jad pushed Tohru Honda so far into despair that tears were her only recourse, Rin decided that she was going to go after Kureno. At first, she was just going to grill him. Then she decided that another method might communicate her feelings a little better.

“I planned to grab him by the collar,” she thought (16:04), “and punch him.”

That’s a very Rin thing to do. It was perfectly in harmony with her character. And it almost got her killed.

Best in Show Moment for Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 4

Akito's lucky Haru is a good man.

Well, someone is lucky that Haru held onto his humanity, despite that same someone’s machinations. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: It’s Tolkien Time

You can tell how much I liked an episode or a moment if it makes me invoke Tolkien. And if I roll out a quote from The Silmarillion, well, I just peak Tolkien. In this episode, though, it wasn’t in acknowledgement of something as wonderful as another example of the Light of Tohru. In this episode, the occasion was a villain so evil that she made me want to invoke an eschatological solution.

Late in The Silmarillion, the Númenóreans, their lust for power and glory inflamed by the lies of Sauron, advanced with gear of war on the undying realms. Such was the seriousness of their transgressions that “Manwë upon the Mountain called upon Ilúvatar, and for that time the Valar laid down their government of Arda. But Ilúvatar showed forth his power, and he changed the fashion of the world…” (Tolkien, J.R.R.. The Silmarillion (p. 334). HMH Books. Kindle Edition).

Fruits Basket - The Final Episode 4: Well, time to end the world...

Seriously. This scene made me want to invoke the eschaton. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

In other words, the small-case gods who ruled the world threw up their hands, and the one true god remade the world.

In this episode, Akito set a new low mark for evil. It culminated when she told Rin that if she didn’t stay away from Haru, Akito would blind Haru. In that moment, I wanted to insert myself into that world and call upon that world’s gods to stand aside for a moment. Then I’d tell Saki that it was Akito who caused Tohru’s tears. I would tell Saki to indulge herself.

Then I’d watch Saki remake the world. But with one important omission.

Delivery: Haru Walked Away

Unfortunately, Saki has not asserted herself on Tohru’s behalf. It’s probably because she’s more wise than I am. She’s Saki, after all.

So we’re left with the members of the zodiac, their courage gradually increasing due to the Light of Tohru, to push back against the gathering darkness. In this episode, Haru took an important step. It wasn’t definitive, but it was important — and it helped him give Rin a lifeline.

After Hiro told Haru that it was Akito who intentionally had caused Rin’s injuries, Haru put two and two together and figured out Akito had to be behind Rin’s recent disappearance. Haru did something we don’t see often: He stormed into the compound and confronted Akito.

Fruits Basket - The Final Episode 4: Haru's had enough of Akito's BS

Haru looks a bit, let’s say, determined. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Akito, of course, tried to use her usual tactics to convince Haru it was his fault that Rin had been hurt. Haru, though, only faltered for a moment. Kureno let slip that Akito had locked Rin in the cell reserved for the cat’s everlasting imprisonment, and Haru snapped. Remembering all of the tender moments he had shared with Rin, he drew back his fist.

Yeah. Haru raised his fist against his god.

And then he let it fly (13:00).

He shattered the wooden pillar behind Akito. Haru’s a good man. Better than me, certainly. He spared Akito. And then he walked away. He ignored Akito’s entreaties, and he left.

I’m pretty sure that Haru will have a place of honor in Saki’s remade world.

What did you think of Hiro’s apology to Kisa? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 4 Review – The Heart of Darkness

    1. I really hate to recommend anime — or anything else. I just can’t guess what folks will like.

      I’ll just say this: The quality of this show’s emotional beats, as measured by their impact on me, is about as high as fiction can get. A few other shows have hit moments like that — Made in Abyss, for example. But this series does it almost every single episode.

      Makes me wonder if the secret is that Saki has cast some kind of spell over the fourth wall…

  1. Got to love all those mentions of saki as the god, as it should be :’)

    It was so good seeing someone give akito a hard time but at the same time, im fully expecting fruits basket to manage to tell an akito backstory that will at the very least make me more forgiving or even close to understanding of her actions…

    1. ” im fully expecting fruits basket to manage to tell an akito backstory that will at the very least make me more forgiving or even close to understanding of her actions…”

      Fruits Basket has some some amazing things with character. I mean, really top of craft sorts of achievement.

      But if they can make me feel sympathetic about Akito?

      I don’t know what I’d do, but I’d have to think of something suitably respectful. Like build a small shrine or something.

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