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Fruits Basket – The Final Episode Guide

Episode 1: I’ll Hold Another Banquet

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 1 Review – The Sudden Nightgown Festival

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 1, “I’ll Hold Another Banquet,” we pick right back up where the end of the previous season left us. Kureno Souma had dropped two bombs on Tohru Honda. First, that Akito Souma, the god of the Souma clan, was actually a goddess. Second, that Kureno had once carried the curse, but had been freed. Tohru’s hopes seemed to soar: If Kureno could be freed, then how about the rest of the Soumas — especially Kyou Souma? Then Kureno hit her with more truths so tragic and painful that they left Tohru on her knees. What could he possibly have said? What could have crushed the power of Tohru’s universe challenging-optimism? And is there any force on the planet that could restore Tohru’s good spirits?

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Episode 2: That’s an Unwavering Truth

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 2 Review – Thought I’d Say Hello

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Episode 3: I Hope it Snows Soon

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 3 Review – Footprints In The Snow

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 3, “I Hope It Snows Soon,” Machi Kuragi stood gazing at the late-spring snow. Seeing a pristine box full of perfect white chalk, she slapped it off the table. It crashed into bits on the floor. Meanwhile, Yuki Souma and the rest of student council argued over Yuki’s popularity until two girls came into the room and complained about Kuragi’s behavior to Yuki. Yuki thought there must be something more to it than what they presented, but just then, Kuragi came in and overhead them. She left at a run. Can Kakeru Manabe help him find her? And if they do, what can Yuki do if he doesn’t even understand what’s going on?

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Episode 4: I’m… Home

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 4 Review – The Heart Of Darkness

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 4, “I’m… Home.,” Hiro Souma worked up his courage to apologize to Kisa Souma. Hiro felt responsible for provoking Akito Souma (in the past) to strike Kisa, an utterly innocent and decent human being. Before he could apologize, though, he literally ran into Hatsuharu Souma — which seems to happen a lot when Hiro tries to talk to Kisa. This time, though, Hiro had matured to the point he didn’t lose his temper. On the other hand, he could no longer hold in a truth that had plagued him: He not only needed to apologize to Kisa for what had happened to her. Hiro also apologized for his role in Akito pushing Isuzu Souma out of a second floor window. Terrified that Haru would be furious with him, he didn’t know how to react when Haru simply patted him on the head. What will Haru do with this information? Or maybe a better question is, does Haru have a good lawyer? Because there was nothing peaceful about the look on his face as he sought out Akito.

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Episode 5: I Mean… You Know, Right?

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 5 Review – An Instant Of Clarity

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 5, “I Mean… You Know, Right?,” Yuki Souma must be getting serious about Machi Kuragi because he started looking for opportunities to tell her about the Souma family secret. Unfortunately, Kimi Toudou’s hairbrush got in the way. Will he find another chance to tell her? Or will she be too embarrassed? Also, Momiji Souma went through a sudden growth spurt. The girls around him took enthusiastic notice. That’s not the only change that came over Momiji. Hatsuharu Souma noticed it first. What will it mean for his friendship with Tohru Honda? What will Kyou Souma think? And how amazing was it to see Mine Kuramae again? Hint: It starts with “v” and ends in “ery!”

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Episode 6: It Was So Foolish

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 6 Review – I Won’t Be Disappointed In You

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 6, “It Was So Foolish,” it’s almost the anniversary of Kyouko Honda’s passing. Tohru Honda, of course, plans to visit her grave, and she asks her friends to go with her. Yuki Souma agrees readily, but Kyou Souma said he couldn’t make it. What’s more important than helping Tohru? Later, Shigure Souma drops an emotional bomb on Isuzu “Rin” Souma. The profound revelation shocked her — almost as much as it shocked Tohru, who had been standing within ear shot. Her presence took Shigure by surprise, but it didn’t stop him from compounding the surprise with a cruel observation. Why has he decided to treat Tohru so callously? And does the reappearance of Kagura Souma mean that a house or a person is about to get a beat down — or both?

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Episode 7: That’s Right, It’s Empty

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 7 Review – Were You Just Tired?

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 7, “That’s Right, It’s Empty,” Kyou Souma experienced a hellish nightmare, where he was suspended between his mom beckoning him to stay with her in the house “forever” and a bloody and ghoulish version of Kyouko HondaTohru Honda’s deceased mother. Worst of all, Kyouko told him she would never forgive him. Not forgive him for what? What was that about? Meanwhile, Akito Souma’s hold on the Souma family frayed even more. Will Akito take a step back and reevaluate her situation? Or will she behave as she always has — with thoughtless and extreme violence?

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Episode 8: I’m Disappointed in You

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 8 Review – Burning In The Rain

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 8, “I’m Disappointed in You,” Tohru Honda decided she’d waited long enough. No more hesitation, no more interruptions: She sought out Kyou Souma with the intent to tell him she had fallen in love with him. But Kyou did something unexpected: He interrupted her and asked she she really did love him. When she said yes, he said he couldn’t deal with it and left. What would cause Kyou to walk away from what should have been one of the high points of his life? Will Tohru go after him? And has anyone found what the armed and deranged Akito Souma is up to yet?

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Episode 9: What’s Your Name?

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 9 Review – Bleeding In The Rain

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 9, “What’s Your Name?“, Kyou fled Tohru’s confession of love, which prompted Yuki to speed after him. That left Tohru standing alone in the rain. Well, not exactly alone. Apparently stunned by recent events, she didn’t see Akito stagger into the yard. Akito still clutched the knife that had stabbed Kureno in the back. Muttering apocalyptic words about how everything was all Tohru’s fault, Akito lurched forward. Will Tohru run for her life? Will either Yuki or Kyou come to her rescue? And just how far will a scream carry in the rain?

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Episode 10: I Just Love Her

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 10 Review – Still Running, Just Not Away

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 10, “I Just Love Her,” Tohru continued to recover in the hospital. Kyou not only hadn’t visited her. He had moved out of Shigure’s home. What is Kyou up to? In the hospital, while visiting Tohru, Saki Hanajima and Arisa Uotani came upon Akito. This was after Tohru had given her friends the “one-minute summary of what happened.” How would Saki and Arisa react to Akito, knowing Akito’s role in Tohru’s hospitalization? Finally, Yuki found that Kyou had stopped by to pick up a few things. Yuki confronted the Cat, and they exchange perspectives. Will Shigure’s house recover from all the damage?

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Episode 11: Goodbye

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 11 Review – You’re Already Holding It

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 11, “Goodbye,” Tohru emerged from the hospital to find Saki Hanajima and Arisa Uotani waiting for her. Before they could escort her home, she glanced over to see someone else who had come to see her: Kyou. Before she could even think about it, she dashed away. Kyou, determined not to let her get away again, gave pursuit. Once he catches her, will she flee again? Why did she run? Meanwhile, Akito reflected on her life and the unraveling curse. Can she adjust to a new life, where people will come and go based on their desires — and not a compulsion? How will she navigate such a world? And just why do all of the Zodiac members seem to have it in for the Cat?

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Episode 12: You Fought Well

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 12 Review – I Won’t Budge On This

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 12, “You Fought Well,” Machi called Yuki and asked he would please meet her. She didn’t expect his “yes” to be so enthusiastic! Nor did the passersby expect such a public show of emotion… Akito’s invitation for everyone to meet at the family compound came as a surprise. Her appearance came as an even greater surprise. What is Akito up to this time? Or is she up to anything at all? Finally, Kyou asked Tohru if she would come away with him so he could continue his training. He also wanted to gain more experience in the world now that he had a future. Will Tohru leave her friends and mother’s grave?

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Episode 13: See You Again Soon

Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 13 Review – Everyone Loves You

In Fruits Basket – The Final Episode 13, “See You Again Soon,” Kyou went on what might well be his most dangerous quest: He took Tohru to the zoo — with Arisa and Saki as chaperones! Does he have any hope at all of coming out of that experience in one piece? Meanwhile, Shigure made a surprise announcement about his career, and his editor Mitsuru seems ecstatic! Finally, Yuki had some parting words for Tohru, and he even asked Kyou for permission to talk to her privately. Does Kyou have anything to worry about? Or will we get a happy ending to this series?

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