Gate 2 Episode Guide

December 31, 2016

Gate Season 2 Episode Guide

Gate Season 2

Episode 13: The Banquet Begins

Gate Episode 13: An Earth-Shattering Experience!

Episode 14: The Imperial Capital Quake

Gate Episode 14: Well, That Escalated Quickly!

Episode 15: Tuka Luna Marceau

Gate Episode 15: Tuka’s Descent

Episode 16: The Dragon, Once More

Gate Episode 16: The Dragon’s Pretty Big Up Close!

Episode 17: The Dragon’s Nest

Gate Episode 17: The Dragon’s Nest

Episode 18: The Magic City of Rondel

Gate Episode 18: Lelei Has a Sister? Sherry Takes Command?

Episode 19: Dangerous Sisters

Gate Episode 19: Sister on Sister Combat and Tyuule Springs Her Trap

Episode 20: Lover

Gate Episode 20: No Expects the Inquisition! And Would You Break That Heart?

Episode 21: Deadline

Gate Episode 21: The Empire Strikes Back

Episode 22: The Empress in Slave’s Clothing

Gate Episode 22: Pina and Lelei Have A Bad Day

Episode 23: Paradrop

Gate Episode 23: It’s Raining Men!

Episode 24: Thus They Fought

Gate Episode 24: And So They Fought, Here

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