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Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 13: The Banquet Begins

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 13 Review

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 13, “The Banquet Begins“, digs deeper into the empire’s depravity. It also shows that getting to know the down-trodden can be life-saving!

Working with Princess Pina Co LadaKoji Sugawara of the Japanese diplomatic team host a garden party for the peace-leaning senators and their families. Sugawara makes sure his best chefs are there so woo the families. But the real reason for the get together is for Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) First Lieutenant Yoji Itami and his team to demonstrate the capabilities of their small arms to the senators. The goal is tohelp these senators understand the situation they’re in.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 13: Sherry's smile spoke volumes

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Episode 14: The Imperial Capital Quake

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 14 Review

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 14, “The Imperial Capital Quake” (the 2nd episode of the second season), gave Sergeant Shoni Kuribayashi a chance to show her hand to hand combat skills. And shoot a lot, too!

An earthquake strikes the capital. The Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) are used to earthquakes in Japan, so they quickly evacuate their wards outside so they won’t be trapped in rubble. Princess Pina Co Lada and one of her knights are terrified. She’s stupefied when Yoji Itami and Koji Sugawara walk nearby as Itami tries to decide if this is a Richter Scale 4 or 5 quake. When Itami warns her to expect after shocks, she insists on warning her father, and she won’t leave without Itami, even though Itami is uneasy about being an enemy soldier appearing before the emperor.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 14: Kuribayashi has serious CQC skills

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Episode 15: Tuka Luna Marceau

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 15 Review

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 15, “Tuka Luna Marceau,” shows the lengths to which Yao Ro Dushi is willing to go to save her people. And though I can’t hate her, I am seriously displeased at what she did.

Akira Yanagida tells Yōji Itami that Yao Ro Dushi asked the JSDF to destroy the fire dragon and save her people. Itami could guess the response. Yanagida says he can give Itami an excuse to go on the mission by calling it a resource recon mission. Itami refuses, unwilling to subject himself or his people to such danger. Yanagida cryptically tells him to visit Tuka Luna Marceau.

He finds Tuka in tears as Rory Mercury and Lelei La Lalena try to comfort her. Tuka sees Itami and mistakes him for her father, and she complains that others have been trying to tell her he was dead. Lelei puts her to sleep and Rory tells Itami that Yao forced this information on Tuka.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 15: Rory forged a pact with Itami

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Episode 16: The Dragon, Once More

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 16 Review

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 16, The Dragon, Once More, shows what happens when Yōji Itami and Tuka Luna Marceau face off with a huge fire breathing dragon.

Delilah is walking through the streets of Alnus singing about how wonderful it is to be there. So as a viewer, you know immediately something terrible’s going to happen to her. When she gets back to her room, we find out what. A scroll with an Italica seal is waiting for her. It orders her to kill one of the Japanese. We know from last week who: Noriko Mochizuki.

Tyuule is in her cell lamenting that as the proud queen of the warrior bunnies, she hates trusting her fate to her enemy (the empire). Bouro visits and confirms he delivered her message. Tyuule revels in the knowledge that her spy in Alnus is about to kill Mochizuki. The queen’s particularly happy that she’s tricking Delilah into the murder, because Delilah has sworn to kill Tyuule. Tyuule’s goals remains: crush Zorzal El Caesar, the one who destroyed her people, and his empire along with him.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 16: Delilah proved she was a warrior

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Episode 17: The Dragon’s Nest

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 17 Review

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 17, Decisive Battle, our heroes face off against the fire dragon — in its own lair!

Warning: My description of the battle’s is a little long. I adored this episode, in part because I think it depicts the most realistic fight against a fire-breathing dragon that I’ve ever seen. With apologies to Smaug (a single arrow brought him down — really?), I’ve always thought that dragons were depicted as too weak. I’ve often wondered what modern weaponry would do against a dragon. Now, I think I know! I’ll mark the battle description so you can skip it if you like.

Yōji Itami wonders if he made the right decision forcing Tuka Luna Marceau not only to confront her father’s death, but to face off against the fire dragon in the last episode. Lelei La Lalena helps him think it through, and he comes to the decision that there’s no turning back. Lelei is unhappy her magic didn’t work; Rory Mercury is no less happy her halberd didn’t work.

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Episode 18: The Magic City of Rondel

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 18 Review

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 18, “The Magic City of Rondel,” the series introduces Lelei La Lalena’s sisterTyuule shows that she’s not ready to give up on her plans for revenge after Delilah’s botched assassination attempt.

Warning! This post contains a lot of spoilers. Please watch the episode first!

Yes, Yōji Itami may have led the team that killed the fire dragon (in the last episode). But, he deserted his unit team to do it. So, this episode starts with his commanding officer stripping him of his position as leader of recon team 3 and suspending him for two weeks.

But the magic of Itami’s luck kicked in, and the Lieutenant General also announces Itami’s awards: a commendation from the Japanese Defense Minster for rescuing Noriko Mochizuki, a noble title from King Duran, the title of honorary chieftain from the Dark Elves, and ownership of Yao Ro Dushi (among other things). Then the General orders him to research the Special Region for natural resources.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 18: Yao Ro Dushi, Tuka, Lelei, and Rory watch Itami's punishment

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Episode 19: Dangerous Sisters

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 19 Review

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 19, “Dangerous Sisters,” Lelei La Lalena faces off against Arpeggio El Lalena, her jealous older sister — with almost catastrophic results. But that pales in comparison to what Tyuule has unleashed.

Warning! This post contains a lot of spoilers. Please watch the episode first!

Zorzal El Caesar uses his father’s collapse in the last episode to seize control of the empire. He gives a militant speech promising to reclaim the empire’s pride in spite of the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF)‘s overwhelming might. His rhetorical tricks turn the people against the Senate and anyone sympathetic to peace. Princess Pina Co Lada, seeing her work ruined, is not pleased. Tyuule, on the other hand, is ecstatic.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 19: Pina contemplated the collapse of peace talks

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Episode 20: Lover

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 20 Review

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 20, “Lover,” we see the effects of Zorzal El Caesar’s Inquisition on his people. We also see the lengths that Sherry Tyueli will go to achieve her mission — and make it to the Jade Palace and the Japanese in residence there. Considering the deteriorating political situation, will Kōji Sugawara allow her entry into the Japanese embassy?

Beware: There are spoilers below!

Tarō Kanō receives a briefing: Zorzal has instituted the Committee to Protect and Restore the Primacy and Authority of the Emperor (called the Oprichnina), which is basically a secret police who will arrest, harass, and/or kill anyone who opposes Zorzal. The team tells him many of those who want peace, Zorzal’s primary targets, are coming to the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) asking for help. Kanō is afraid that taking sides will only embolden Zorzal, and he orders the JSDF to lay low for now. The military is not pleased; they hate seeing the friends they’ve made hurt or killed. The general orders them to remain on standby.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 20: Beefeater had a strong episode

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Episode 21: Deadline

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 21 Review

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 21, “Deadline,” Sherry Tyueli and Kōji Sugawara come to terms with their decision from last week. Tyuule, though her patsy Zorzal El Caesar, tightens the noose around the Jade Palace. And all the while, Tarō Kanō, the Defense Minister, lobbies to send the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) to aid their diplomats in that palace.

The Oprichnina launch their attack against Pina Co Lada’s knights defending the Jade Palace. The knights repel the attack, but they are concerned about what effect the attack will have on Pina and her position at the palace. Meanwhile, Kanō struggles to convince Prime Minister (PM) Morita to let him send troops. The PM, concerned about how the other nations’ representatives and media who in the Special Region will perceive any military action, declines for now.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 21: Bozes considers her decision

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Episode 22: The Empress in Slave’s Clothing

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 22 Review

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 22, “The Empress in Slave’s Clothing“, Tyuule pushes for her end game. Princess Pina Co Lada gets caught in Zorzal El Caesar’s web of intrigue. Lelei La Lalena defies death to give her dissertation. And don’t forget about the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) paratroopers!

Warning! There are spoilers below!

Zorzal’s men aren’t doing well against the 300 Rose-Order of Knights at the Jade Palace. Morale’s low and only the threat of harm to their families keep many of the imperial soldiers on task.

In RondelShandy Gaff Marea surveils the three in employees the Pied Piper had tricked. Shandy sees a suspicious woman arrives who tells them she’s going to help Lelei. How? By “faking” an attack to bring the Pied Piper out. She tells the three to make sure Lelei wears armor under her clothes. Shandy follows the woman and goes missing for four days.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 22: Lelei was still under threat

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Episode 23: Paradrop

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 23 Review

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 23, “Paradrop,” the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) begins the operation to free the Jade Palace and the peace-loving senators. Zorzal El Caesar manages not to learn a valuable lesson. Yōji Itami demonstrates his driving skills!

The political leadership finally approved the mission, so the JSDF launches their operation while Pina Co Lada languishes in her cell. The Kawasaki C-1 jets (Amazon sells a model here!), packed with paratroopers, begin taking off.

The JSDF methodically launch their attack. Ground troops take control of the capital’s West Gate, then the Bassoon Prison where the empire holds most of the prisoners. Next, the jets drop paratroopers over the capital.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 23: Tyuule's plans bear fruit

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Episode 24: Thus They Fought

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 24 Review

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 24, “Thus They Fought,” the second season comes to a close. Yōji Itami and some old friends pay a visit to Zorzal El CaesarLelei La Lalena demonstrates why she felt confident enough to go for her masters. And it turns out there was a lot of romance going on off camera!

Warning: This review contains spoilers.

Itami arrives in the capital and meets the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) in their base in the red light district. He learns that since the JSDF just finished a huge operation (see my review of the last episode), it would be hard for them to support a large-scale effort to rescue Princess Pina Co Lada. Itami’s way around this is to say that he’s personally accepted a request from Grey Co Aldo to rescue his princess, and that it has nothing officially to do with the JSDF. The commanding officer had anticipated this and had asked for volunteers. The entire Third Recon Team volunteered.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 24: Pina's vision finally came to pass

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