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Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 11 Review

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Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 11 Review – Quick Summary

In Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There episode 11, “Visitor,” Princess Piña teamed up with Kouji Sugawara, a Japanese diplomat, to visit Senator Cicero La Martos. That Senator was a member of the pro-war faction, but he had a weakness. Unknown to him, the Japanese held his nephew in custody, a prisoner from the raid on Earth. Will that leverage flip him to their side? Meanwhile, Rory has plans for an evening with Itami. A Dark Elf, Yao Haa Dushi, arrived just in time to misunderstand the situation and launched a misguided attempt to protect a “child” from Itami. How will Rory react? Will Yao Haa survive? Or will Rory’s revenge be more subtle?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 11

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 11: Delilah has such a great attitude.

I really like Delilah. I didn’t quite expect such a great attitude from someone with a cotton tail. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I like the attention to detail that this series gives to politics and even to economics. In this episode, Itami was walking around the town that had sprung up around Alnus. A solider named Souichirou Kuwabara (I think) walked with him. They marveled at how much commerce had sprung up, and Itami remarked they could only manage the chaos because Countess Myui Formal had loaned them some of her maids.

They got to see one of those maids in action as they neared the bar. A local came flying out of the door (literally!). Someone had thrown him so hard he skidded and rolled clear across the road. As Itami and Huwabara looked on, both slack-jawed, a bunny warrior maid came out the door and told the man, in no uncertain terms, that he was not welcome.

She turned to go back in but paused. Here’s where I prefer the Blu Ray translation. She slapped her own backside and said (09:35), “I’m Delilah, and my ass here isn’t so cheap that some lowlife like you can just grab it!”

Crunchyroll’s translation “My butt is too good for the likes of you!” just didn’t seem to embody Delilah’s personality like the Blu Ray’s translation did!

Best in Show Moment for Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 11

I had to feel sorry for Yao Haa Dushi.

Looks like we can add acting to Rory’s list of skills. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: It Wasn’t the Cell Phone This Time

I think it’s clear that Rory likes Itami. I say “I think” because to tell the truth, Rory’s a 970 year old demigoddess, and I’m not sure I understand anything that she thinks or feels at all. Maybe I’ll just say that she’s shown that she has designs on Itami, and she knows it’s just a matter of time before he embraces the awesomeness.

In the previous episode, Rory had worked carefully to set the mood and had almost gotten a kiss from Itami when he cell phone rang. For a second, I was afraid that even a Nokia 3310 wouldn’t be able to withstand her wrath. But this is Rory we’re talking about. Minor setbacks annoy her, sure, but she’s patient.

In this episode, she tried again. Itami felt bummed out because he had to deny Mari Kurokawa’s request to treat Tuka’s mental heal issues. His reasons were correct, but Kurokawa had still stormed off, leaving Rory and Itami alone. I think Rory honestly tried to comfort him when she said, (12:08), “Have a drink, you fool.” In other words, I don’t think that was part of her seduction. I can’t prove it, of course, since Rory is Rory and her thoughts and mysterious and subtle.

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 11: Rory has a surprisingly philosophical perspective.

Not just anyone could prompt Rory to smile like that. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Well, maybe not so subtle at times.

Things looked like they were going her way. She had a plan firmly in mind. She and Itami were having a great conversation. There was prodigious alcohol involved. The locals all knew to give Rory space — they didn’t want to anger the Apostle of Emroy. The problem was, surprisingly, that not everyone knew Rory.

Delivery: Rory Plays a Long Game

The Dark Elves, for example, seldom encountered her. Yao Haa Dushi was one such Dark Elf, and she had just come into town looking for the Green Men to help her with a Fire Dragon problem. She approached the table and loudly demanded why the establishment served alcohol to a child and why that man sitting there seemed to be encouraging her.

Now, here’s an example where I preferred the Crunchyroll translation. Several bystanders gasped in terror. They were terrified that Rory would snap and kill Yao Haa right then and there. In the Blu Ray, one of them said (15:18), “There will be blood!” Crunchyroll’s translation was “It’s going to rain blood!” That seemed to better capture the mood.

But remember, Rory is patient. She plays the long game. I’m not sure how she figured out that Yao Haa had come looking for the Green Men, but she figured it out. So she dashed behind Yao Haa and pretended to be a terrified teen who Itami had tried to ply her with alcohol.

Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There Episode 11: Hang with Rory, take the consequences.

If you’re going to hang around Rory, you have to expect this kind of thing. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I actually felt sorry for the Dark Elf. She thought she was trying to help a scared teenager. She even tried to give Rory some words of comfort. Itami realized that was his chance, so he dove out the window and ran down the street, yelling “See ya!”

Yao Haa showed disgust that turned to surprise when she realized Rory had gone, too. She heard some patrons remark that (16:51), “That’s why the Apostle put on an act like that.” “The one she drew her sword on happened to be one of the Green Men that she was looking for.”

So, yeah, I felt bad for Yao Haa. But I might have felt worse if Rory had not shown restraint. I wonder if Itami’s a good influence on her?


What’d you think of Cicero’s meeting with Piña and Kouji Sugawara? Let me know in the comments!

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